Wednesday, April 30, 2008

another long...(BUT VEGAN) day!

I must say... when my alarm clock goes off on Wednesday mornings at 6:50 am... it is absolutely TERRIBLE!! UGH! well I started my morning with my KAMUT FLAKES (posted the other day) with a banana and then OFF TO THE TRAIN!
After my actin
g class I had to run 100 errands! but I knew this the night before and decid
ed to pack a lunch!
Here is my Seitan and Lime CousCous Salad!

Store bought Seitan or home made
Clove of Garlic
Half a chopped onion
hand full of baby tomatoes (halved)
Black beans (about a can.. 15oz)
Lime cut in half
chopped parsley

Start Sautéing the garlic (cho
pped or crushed) and the onions until translucent
Throw in the Seitan and cook until golden brown

a cup of water.. add a cup of cous cous.. let absorb the water
Once its done throw in the black beans, halved tomatoes, and parsley ... mix together
Squeeze as much lime over it as you want... put the seitan over the cous cous and ENJOY!

After lunch I went to DANCE!!! I took an amazing theatre dance class at Steps On Broadway with Richard Pierlon IT WAS SOOOO MUCH FUN!!! (and necessary because I have my ROCKETTE AUDITION ON MONDAY!)

For dinn
er I was craving an AMAZING I headed back to the Candle Cafe For a "Living sprout salad". Its got every kind of sprout that you could think of with s
hredded carrots and baby field greens with carrot ginger dressing.. its sososoo good.. and I realized that I had'nt taken a picture until I had eaten it all up! (next time ill get a picture.. its really beautiful)

So now.. as I sit on my couch with my computer on my lap watching a rerun of 'Step it up and Dance', I am munching on fresh mango slices, sliced apple, and dried bananas!!
 So other than that I am relaxing, procrastinating, and then learning music!

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ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

I just discovered your blog. Your food all looks great (yum, that couscous salad)... and WOW it's sooooooo cool that you're a Rockette!!! You're also quite beautiful :o).

Aww, and thanks so much for listing me on your blogroll; I feel so honored. I'm adding you to mine as well.

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