Saturday, May 3, 2008

Adventures with boyfriends!

Today Anthony (boyfriend) and I had a wonderful adventure!
I had a voice lesson in the morning which he drove me to and then picked me up (hes great) and then we decided to go to t
he North Shore Animal League's "Adoptathon" Its 72 strait hours of puppies! They are a non for profit, non kill animal shelter. This weekend happens to be their puppy bonanza! They are open 24 hours a day for those kind people who choose to save 
dogs. I think this is absolutely wonderful.. I am a HUGE animal lover and get a new puppy right now I LOVE to go and play with them :)


This inspired me to post some pics of 
my pup! hes not so much a pup any more. he's 10! but he acts like he's 3 :) I LOVE LOVE LOVE HIM! his name is Cody and He's the best :)

So after we went to the shelter, Anthony and I went into Flushing. Now I posted last and told you all that hes half Korean... Flushing is LAND OF THE KOREAN'S!!!!! hahah... we decided to go and get some food.... we got some great Korean food at this random place... this was what I had :)

it was Korean Noodles and stir fry vegetables. It had a sweet flavor to it and is really tasty! It was so much food.. thank goodness for hungry guys cause Anthony helped me :) 
My other favorite part of Korean restaurants are the cute little sides. Mostly pickled vegetables and other sorts of vegan goodies! its really delicious! EVERYONE SHOULD GET KOREAN FOOD IF THEY CAN!

After that we came home and relaxed. We watched Charlie Wilsons War....well I didnt get to watch anything because I was too busy stapling and cutting my head shots and resumes...75 to be exact! it took me forever.

SO FOR DINNER I HAD THE MOST AMAZING THING... I got the recipe out of Vegan Express. I didnt have the right vege's for it so I kind of put my own twist on it...

Sweet Potato Quesadillas 
Whole Wheat wrap
1 Sweet Potato
1.5 Cup of Frozen Corn
1 Cup Black Beans
cup of sliced mushrooms 
1/3 cup of chopped onion
Half of a sliced avacado
Vegan Mozzarella cheese
Your choice of salsa

Scrub the sweet potato and then microwave for 2 min.. or until cooked.. BUT STILL FIRM! After done plunge it in ice water

Throw the corn, black beans, mushrooms and onion in a pan with some water... cook until steamed. 
Pre heat oven until 425 degrees
Take skin off of the potatoes and then cut 1/4 inch slices

spray a baking sheet with with pam or olive oil and place the wrap on it...spoon vegetables into wrap and flip the other side over
put in the oven for about 10 minutes or until the wrap browns
thinly slice the
 avacado (its great to put on top of the quesadillia)
Portion out your salsa
After everythings done Put it on a plate, and then EAT IT!!!
(its great with some salsa and avacado on top)


* I have a relhearsal tomorrow from 10-6 UGH!

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