Thursday, May 8, 2008


Well it is 11:05 on thursday night and my crazy week is FINALLY OVER!

Showcase went well! it was soooooo much fun. I got some great feedback too! HOPEFULLY SOMETHING GOOD COMES OF IT!
(this is me, brooke, and lauren!)

Well I had my first day of tours at radio city! it was soooo much fun! it was
 really cool how the people who took the tours are from all over the world. All I had to do was give them a brief history on the Rockettes, and then some personal experiences...(theres a whole schpele we had to memorize) and then answer some questions.. do some kicks.. and take some pictures...!

heres a pic of me waiting for a tour group to come... I WAS BORED!

(ugly costume... but you get the jist!)

So I think since I had such a rough couple of days.. my mommy decided to make me both lunch and dinner! It was so nice! And SO VEGAN!

for lunch it was a salad with asparagus, sweet corn, broccoli, cauliflower, org
anic raisins, sunflower seeds, pepper, onion, and carrots! It was delish! (I also had half of an Amys Organic Burrito which i split with mom :)

After I got home from showcase... there was a pasta primavera with vegetable sauce sitting on the stove for me!!!!

It was made with Brown Rice Spirals, Ragu Canned sauce, zuchinni, squash
red pepper, onion, garlic, rice cheese, (basil, oregano,and a pinch of cumin)

I dont know exactly how she made it.. im guessing she just cooked the pasta, added it to a pan with the sauce and sauteed vegetables and then served:) Easy!

BUT.. then again I didnt make it so who knows!

I'll be back tomorrow with a great recipe I promise! I HAVE ALL DAY OFF TOMORROW!!!

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ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

You are sooo beautiful... even in your ugly costume!

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