Wednesday, May 14, 2008


First things first... I decided to change the look of my blog... I think I like this one better for now :)

This is going to be a really long post.. so bare with me!


I took my very last final today! I AM SO HAPPY. Its so 
easy to be swayed by the temptations of the outside world.. especially living in New York with all of the auditions I could be going on instead of going to class! I finished in three and a half years even with my semester off to do the Rockettes. It was completely worth it... IM PROUD OF MYSELF!!!

SO! I still never posted mothers day dinner... Ironically enough, my m
other cooked it! I wanted to cook for her on mothers day but she had her heart set on 
cooking! We have been obsessing over Nava Atlas' Vegan Express. It is really great because its got so many quick and easy recipes!

Mom was browsing it and found a beautiful recipe for "Nearly Instant Thai Coconut Corn Soup" Its got an amazing texture and just 
the tiniest bite to it... definitely a staple in our household now!

Mom was obsessing over the presentation of our salad! I thought it was hy
sterical but she knew it was going to be on the blog and she wanted you all to be impressed! (Shes cute)
 It had Spinach, sliced cucumber, cherry tomatoes (We took the yucky seeds out) sunflo
wer seeds, and black olives.. oh and some left over cilantro from the soup!! (We squeezed some lime on top for a "dressing" but im a balsamic fiend and I added a bunch)

So now for some more recent things!

I went to the open call for West Side Story on Broadway about a month ago. They cut me, but then I got an email about two weeks ago asking for me to come back in and sing and dance for the sharks! IM SO EXCITED! Its tomorrow so I've been busy preping for it. I have also been crazy studying
for finals, so I have had no time to cook unfortunately... when these things happen, I tend to go to Pax Wholesome foods, or to Whole Foods.

Yesterday was a trip to Pax after work... I just got a simple salad (with lots of veggies) And I had half of a veggie delite... it sounded better than it was...Just had some lettuce, carrots, sprouts, tomato, and avocado on a whole wheat pita... not bad, but id rather have a salad

After class I headed over to Graces Tratoria. Its a little health food market nextdoor to my school..I got some veg. sushi, and another salad...I know that we all know what these things look like, but im in the mood to post! (I need to work on my camera skills. im not sure if my camera just sucks, or I have to learn about angles and lighting... BUT NOW THAT I HAVE TIME I CAN WORK ON IT!!! sorry still pumped about graduating!)

So today was a Whole Foods day! I hate spending all the money (it gets expensive), but Whole Foods is a really great place to find some quick vegan fixes. I must admit that sometimes, I just walk into the store to see what they've got in the salad/hot food bars just to get ideas... today I definitely got an idea, but I dont know much about these one.. VEGETABLE PROTEIN. Since Im allergic to most soy products (mostly tofu) its difficult to find alternatives... this vegetable protein had no soy ingrediens and actually tasted great!

if anyone has any information on where to buy this stuff.. or how to make it PLEASE LET ME KNOW!

In my BROWN BOX, i had "Tropical Taboluh (I cant spell)" "Brown rice with edamame", 
and this vegetable protein thai "chicken" was so delish! 

On a sad note, a close family friend, Dennis Irwin, passed away on March 10. He was an extremely accomplished jazz bassist, and clarinetist.  He was well respected by his peers, and deeply loved by his friends and family. Spinal cancer spread to quickly, and the doctors were unable to get it. Unfortunately, life takes these tolls.. this is a huge reason why I decided to change my eating habit (I truly think that eating a wholesome diet can prevent cancer, as well as other terrible diseases) is a link to his website, DENNIS IRWIN. Please check it out... he was an amazing man and deserves to be remembered. 

I post this now because there was a memorial service for him was at Riverside church in Manhattan...this is a huge church, and the place was packed with people comming to pay their respects... RIP
here is a picture of the monument to him at my aunts house.

OK! back to being happy! Well tomorrow I will get back to cooking... I also plan on making some sweet deserts!....GOOD NIGHT!


Anonymous said...

I just found your blog and as a dancer I must say that you are seriously living my dream!!! Dancing in West Side Story, wow thats amazing! One of my favorite shows :)
I'm also looking forward to trying alot of your recipes. Thanks for the ideas!

ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

What kinds of vegan chocolate do I use? Well, if it’s chocolate and vegan, I’ll use it hehe—I am so definitely not picky when it comes to chocolate. But my favorite chocolate bar is Endangered Species, for sure. For chocolate chips, I usually just buy the Whole Foods’ brand. And Hershey’s chocolate syrup is actually vegan ;o).
I’m really glad I transferred. I went to school in Philadelphia my freshman year, and while I loved the city so much, the school was waaaaay too small for me.
I’m definitely going to have to try combining bulgur and oatmeal together now that you gave me the idea.
You should REALLY be proud of graduating in three years! Wow, especially living in New York… if I went to college in NYC, I think it might just take me ten (I looove that city so much!).
I am so sorry about your friend. But I am so happy that your mothers’ day went well… and wow—auditioning for Broadway?! I love West Side Story, but have never seen it on Broadway. It’d be sooooo completely awesome to go and see it and tell my family I know someone in the cast!

b-rock said...

i'm so obsessed with our blogs it's not even funny. the picture...that really looks like seitan but i'm not sure if it is...i've eaten it at the cold foods bar at whole foods, but i don't remember what it was for sure!

good luck with that. SEE YOU TOMORROW!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! You must be so proud!!

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