Sunday, March 29, 2009


Hey guys!!! I miss you all so much!!!

Nicole from Bites of the day friended me on Facebook and I realized how much I miss you all!!

I have been working for 15 days non stop... I was also SUPER 
DUPER sick all last week...some sort of cough/resp. infection... pretty much hell.. but thank god im feeling better now!!!

The show is going wonderfully!!! Considering the economy we are selling pretty well... we're still in previews though so once we officially open we will see how it all goes....

I have just been enjoying my usual salads, smoothies, dried fruits and fresh fruit lately.. nothing too crazy... im not sure if its because I was sick or I just havent been snacking as much... but I dropped some weight which Im pretty happy about...nothing too crazy but I feel good.. and thats what is important. 

Since I have no fun food pics to show you Ill share some pics from the show :)


PLEASE DONT FORGET ABOUT ME... Ill be back regularly soon!!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009



This is  a quick post.. but Im so excited I could burst!!!

THIS SUMMER I WILL BE PLAYING "Maggie" in A CHORUS LINE at the merry go round play house...!!! Its such a great role and I am super pumped!!!

I will also be performing in No No Nanette!

rehearsals are going well right now...just lots of stress.... we open in a week and only get ten rehearsal days.. AHHH!!!!!


Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Hey friends!

Im so sorry I've been MIA lately... I started rehearsal and Im completely wiped.. once my crazy ten days is up ill be back as normal.

Westchester Broadway Theatre heres the website.. come check it out if you are in the area :)

till later..

ps im still reading all of your blogs I promise!!!


Thursday, March 12, 2009


No guys... im drinking plenty of water... but tonight I did have my first experience with a dehydrator!!! 

My next door neighbor happened to have an extra one (he is one of those people who just happens to have EVERYTHING) and he happily gave it to me! Im not sure how great it works but I guess we'll find out.

I have been craving crackers/chips lately... but whenever I reach for some of the baked ones in the closet I dont like them... maybe its because of all of the fresh clean foods I've been eating??

3 seed crakers

1/3 cup Flax seeds (WHOLE... i used the golden kind)
1/3 cup sesame seeds
1/3 cup sunflower seeds

soak overnight (its pretty crazy.. but the next day the s
eeds take up the entire jar.. they really do absorb the water!)

Spread the mixture on teflaxx paper or Parchment paper (thats what i used)... and dehydrate till dry!
Im gunna let these bad boys go overnight.. hopefully I dont ruin them!

So like My friend CCV (Katie!) I LOVE CHOCOLATE!! Since I have been trying to eat a little more Raw lately, I decided to order this off of Raw Food World
Seriously... even if you dont do a high raw diet... THIS IS AMAZING! I find myself taking little spoon fulls of it.. and being totally chocolate satisfied. A serving is 2 tbs... but I never need that much.. its just so freaking good.

I've also been making lots of green smoothies.. .every morning in fact!
Green Smoothie (Syn Style!)
3 large kale leaves
frozen mango or frozen peaches (or both why not)
3 tbs Manatoba harvest Vanilla Hemp Protein Powder
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 large bananas (or two small.. usually frozen)

Blend up and VUALA.. you cant even taste the kale.. and this is so danm good for you.. keeps me full for hours!
*I dunno why I have been making them in jars... but hey why not... theyre bigger than glasses!*
Here was dinner tonight... I was having a chocolate fix (as per usual)

Its got:
2 bananas
1 mejool date
3 tsp cacao powder
1 tbs Cacao Bliss Butter
Vanilla extract
Coconut sprinkled on top!

YUMMM.. I love my smoothies but this definitely is my favorite!!!

Here are some of my snacks the past few days:

*Mandalin Orange (never had one of these... it was amazing!)

*Fresh fruit plate: Organic pears, strawberries and orange (all organic!)
*sliced apple and carrot sticks with 2tbs Sunbutter*

Well friends.. thats all for now... Ill let ya know what I decided on making for my friends party tomorrow :)


Monday, March 9, 2009



So I am attending a party this weekend.. (A surprise... I dont think she reads my blog but just incase I will keep it a secret!)

And I have been chosen to bring a vegan dish to the Pot luck!!! I'm pretty super pumped... Ive never made anything for multiple people...and I want to bring something amazing... I also want to make a dessert (As well). Im not sure how many people will be there... but I'm assuming maybe 15/20???


I need some suggestions!!! (NUT FREE OF COURSE)

((On a side note...I made an amazing Trader Joe's/ Whole Foods Run with the boy this weekend. I will post pictures later (Im sitting at his house.. on his computer.. while he plays video games... oh well. boys will be boys!) I got so many NEW fruits and veggies (Many fruits ive never even tried! HORRAY!


Friday, March 6, 2009


Well... right now as I am writing this, the sun is shining, the birds are chirping and the temp. is rising to 60 degrees...didnt we just have a blizzard last week??? GLOBAL WARMING PEOPLE!!! its really scary.
Well these past few days have been great! My hip is feeling a little bit better...And even though I probably shouldnt have... I went running (i took a day off) and I felt pretty good! Probably because of these bad boys:

I was the LUCKY winner of an gift certificate from the lovely Lisa from Vegan Snorkeler! I never win anything so I was superrrrr excited! I chose these running sneakers because I liked the colors, but WOW are they supportive!!! I've never had a sneaker with shock absorbers and I dont think I will ever go back. I felt extremely supported and strong! I LOVE THEM <3...>

So as I said, I am trying to incorporate more raw foods into my diet. I think by not depriving myself completely of my favorite cooked foods, this will be easier for me. I dont want to make it a diet, I want to make it a lifestyle change, therefore I don think that limiting myself is a wise decision.

Wednesdays breakfast was Groat cereal! I had never had groats but danm was it delish!!! Groats are a raw "grain" which I actually learned are considered to be a fruit!!
Here is:

Apple Banana Groats:
1 whole apple (cut around the core)
1 entire banana (sliced)
1/4 cup soaked groats (over night)

Blend them all may need to add some water for consistency, and VUALA!
I topped my breakfast cereal off with some goji berries dried cranberries, and shredded coconut, and some cinnamon... (add agave for sweetness)

I made the entire thing and couldnt even eat half.. it was so filling!!! so I saved the rest for the next morning!
These I topped with Apricot Kernels!!! They are considered the "poor mans almonds". I find them to be really tasty! I topped these groats with chopped apricot kernels and raisins. 

For yesterdays lunch I had my FAVORITE Choconana smoothie
Yesterday consisted of laying around and getting some important things done... a swim and a run.

After my swim, I wasnt hungry for solid food so I made an amazing smoothie.

I bought this young coconut at whole foods the other day and was completely confused by it. I asked my moms trusty trainer and she said they are amazing in smoothies...

I blended a banana, mango (both frozen) and young coconut meat and all of the coconut water and PRESTO... probably one of the most satisfying smoothies ive ever had!
It was creamy and coconutty and amazing
So one of my best friends works for ZICO coconut water... and was amazing enough to give me some free... FOUR BOXES OF THE STUFF!!! I really love coconut water because its  so high in potassium and electrolytes... its an amazing alternative to those yucky sports drinks (like gatorade) and is perfect after a hard work out (I used to drink one after every show!)

I decided to use one in a GREEN smoothie today! I have never had a green smoothie.. probably because every time my mom makes green JUICE i think its gross and smells like dirt haha.
This little green guy has a frozen banana and mango (i use them a lot I know) 3 kale leaves, some mango flavored coconut water and about a teaspoon vanilla extract!

YUMMMM I LOVED IT! the vanilla really came through and I couldnt even taste the Kale.

Horray for trying new things!!!

Ok that was a long post.. have a great day everyone!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

It was bound to happen

It was bound to happen. I have been running every day... well 5/6 days a week. I was doing three miles and last week I pumped it up to four miles per run... and I felt great! I have been seeing changes in my body, my stamina has increased considerably, and I just feel great....

Well yesterday while I was completing my last mile, my hip started to hurt. Im not really sure why... its a weird pain... I feel like its on the side of my hip.. which is strange because any pain ive ever had is in the joint/flexor... im nervous that its a stress related bone issue. Ok ok i know im being crazy and jumping to conclusions... but using my body is my means of income... without it IM SCREWED... so im nervous.

Today I started to run again.. got through two miles and had to stop... it was really painful. I am just so frustrated because I hate when I am unable to do something (physically) 

I went for a long swim tonight to vent my frustrations (70 lap is one way there)...which made me feel great! but im still annoyed.. 

I guess this was bound to happen... my body has been taking to running so smoothly.. which has never happened... bahh.. (im a ball full of negativity right now clearly)


So I have decided to up my raw food intake. When I did my raw week I felt amazing.. I had more energy, and I saw a difference in my body in only one week! I think that if I up my raw intake I can get back to a place where I want to be.


Every season of Rockettes there is a LIST. This list contains names of girls who DO NOT have to audition for the next season and get offered a job again automatically..(I wont go into it too much) BUT.....

I MADE THE LIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOWEE!!!!! This means that I will DEFINITELY be going back on tour... or possibly New York? I dunno but I will be a Rockette again for the 2009-2010 season :) Im super proud of myself. Its a huge honor and shows that I worked hard and did a good job :) yay for me!!!

OK so now that I've gotten through my rants for the day... heres some FOOD!!!

My wonderful, beautiful, amazing mother whipped this tasty veggie soup for me. I had been craving something warm and lights and thats exactly what I needed. 
Here are some chocolaty SUNBUTTER cups!!! I lined some SMALL cupcake pans with wax paper, filled them half with melted vegan chocolate chips, added a Dollop of SUNBUTTER and then topped it with more chocolate. Let them refrigerate overnight and BAM... amazing
So this is a salad of salads.. literally!!! I topped a bed of mixed greens with vegan coleslaw, bean salad, dolmas salad, avocado and crunchy sprout salad. I ended up eating half and giving the rest to my mom... we love the exact same foods so it works well :)

Today I had this... a vanilla hemp shake. I blended a banana, frozen peaches, 2 tbs hemp powder, vanilla extract and some rice milk.

(Im not sure if hemp protein powder is raw.. but im going to keep having it... along with rice milk)
and this was my dinner tonight... just a green salad with random veggies, sprouts, and sun flower seeds...

Dont you love avocado..?? I cant live without it!

Ok.. tomorrow I'm going into the city for a voice lesson, a swim, and dinner with a friend I havent seen in forever!!!...and were going to a vegan restaurant!!! HORRAYYYY


Sunday, March 1, 2009

a vegan ON STAGE

Veganism is not only a way of eating, it has become a way of life. For some reason, I identify with these choices and I truly love calling myself a passionate vegan. Although this blog is dedicated to my daily eats and food choices, I feel like I want to get back to the root of myself with this post... and that is THE STAGE.

As most of you know, I have been passionate about "The stage" and performing for my whole life. I truly feel as though the space in which we perform is a sacred space, and until you are completely sure of yourself, and you respect the work that you are doing...only then can you reap the benefits of it. 

I have recently received some questions about what it is like to do what I do... such as "What is an audition like" "What is it like being a Rockette" "How do go into an audition with confidence"...etc etc etc...I know your not all performers (Thank god for that or I would have some stiff competition with all of you talented bloggers out there!!!) But I've decided to give you all a bit of a sneak peek into my world!!!

If your not interested in this stuff...i totally understand and im sorry!!!!! I promise to come back tomorrow with a post about food working out and vegan goodies...:)

Here are the four questions I am going to be answering
1) What is it like going into an audition
2)What is it like being a Rockette
3)Do you deal with body image issues as a dancer?
4)What sort of work out do you do to keep in dancer shape?

Q: What is it like going into an audition?

A: SCARY AS HELL! There are usually a ton of people there...and half of them are trying to intimidate you. You just have to remember that your there to get a job...not to impress any of your fellow auditioners. I also like to remember that the people behind the table (Producers, directors, musical directors choreographers etc) WANT YOU TO BE THE ONE! They want you to go in there and wow them.. it just makes their lives easier!!

Q: What is it like being a Rockette?

A: Honestly.. its a dream come true. Its easily the coolest job in the world. I completely love being a part of the tradition, and I KNOW that I am really lucky to be able to be...but I also have to remember that as fun as it is... ITS MY JOB (during the season at least)...and it has to be taken very seriously. Actually...every performing job has to be taken seriously. Its a lot of work, and it requires a great deal of dedication... but once ya got all that down its pretty amazing!

Q: Do you deal with body image issues as a dancer?

A: Well I want to start off with this... as a dancer, you are constantly scrutinizing your body. I have... like many of you... and many other dancers...been in a constant battle with my image and accepting it for what it is. It is so important to be able to get past that.. and then you will be able to accomplish great things.
Being a dancer is hard because : 
**We walk into class..and BAM Mirrors are right in front of us.
**Not only are we looking at our bodies and picking ourselves apart, but we are forced to look at those around us..inevitably comparing ourselves.
For a long time, I had trouble concentrating in classes because all I could think about it "Wow I look like crap" or "This part of my body is...." i say SCREW IT!!!
I would rather dance beautifully, gracefully, and with confidence....once you get that down, the body and its image follows :)

Q: What sorts of activities do you do to keep in dancers shape? 

A: I think that everyone is different...and that everyone needs to nourish their bodies with THEIR correct foods. I also dont think that an exercise method that works for me may work for everyone... but here are my personal activities

-RUNNING---I have recently gotten very into running. I try to run 3 or 4 miles atleast 5 days a week. I have notice that it increases my stamina so that if I am doing an incredibly long number, I am not as winded. I also find that it is a FULL body work out!( DUH haha). It has also increased my balance (core) and strength (ex: extension... which means i can hold my leg out and up for longer)

-SWIMMING--- Before my Last Rockette season, I went swimming EVERY SINGLE day. I would do about 60 laps. I found this to be AMAZING. I love swimming because it is also a full body work out, but you dont ever get over heated. I am one of those people who gets REALLY SUPER HOT. I sweat like a man (gross I know) and I dont just get hot.. but I feel like I Burn sometimes. (weird?) Swimming helped me be able to completely concentrate on the activity without those little voices in my head saying "HOLY #*&% I am going to explode!"

-STRETCHING---I know that stretching isnt a work out...but it is so important to keep your body stretched before and after performing ANY sort of activity. This prevents injury, and keeps your muscles from becoming over stressed. 
If you have any questions about stretches that I do for certain muscles feel free to ask :)

***I really want to say that I HOPE THAT DIDNT SOUND ARROGANT! The last thing i want this to sound like is ME ME ME ME...***

If you guys have any questions about ANYTHING I would love to answer them :)

On that note... Enjoy your Sunday :) :)

A Vegan on STAGE

Navigating my way through a Vegan lifestyle