Friday, March 6, 2009


Well... right now as I am writing this, the sun is shining, the birds are chirping and the temp. is rising to 60 degrees...didnt we just have a blizzard last week??? GLOBAL WARMING PEOPLE!!! its really scary.
Well these past few days have been great! My hip is feeling a little bit better...And even though I probably shouldnt have... I went running (i took a day off) and I felt pretty good! Probably because of these bad boys:

I was the LUCKY winner of an gift certificate from the lovely Lisa from Vegan Snorkeler! I never win anything so I was superrrrr excited! I chose these running sneakers because I liked the colors, but WOW are they supportive!!! I've never had a sneaker with shock absorbers and I dont think I will ever go back. I felt extremely supported and strong! I LOVE THEM <3...>

So as I said, I am trying to incorporate more raw foods into my diet. I think by not depriving myself completely of my favorite cooked foods, this will be easier for me. I dont want to make it a diet, I want to make it a lifestyle change, therefore I don think that limiting myself is a wise decision.

Wednesdays breakfast was Groat cereal! I had never had groats but danm was it delish!!! Groats are a raw "grain" which I actually learned are considered to be a fruit!!
Here is:

Apple Banana Groats:
1 whole apple (cut around the core)
1 entire banana (sliced)
1/4 cup soaked groats (over night)

Blend them all may need to add some water for consistency, and VUALA!
I topped my breakfast cereal off with some goji berries dried cranberries, and shredded coconut, and some cinnamon... (add agave for sweetness)

I made the entire thing and couldnt even eat half.. it was so filling!!! so I saved the rest for the next morning!
These I topped with Apricot Kernels!!! They are considered the "poor mans almonds". I find them to be really tasty! I topped these groats with chopped apricot kernels and raisins. 

For yesterdays lunch I had my FAVORITE Choconana smoothie
Yesterday consisted of laying around and getting some important things done... a swim and a run.

After my swim, I wasnt hungry for solid food so I made an amazing smoothie.

I bought this young coconut at whole foods the other day and was completely confused by it. I asked my moms trusty trainer and she said they are amazing in smoothies...

I blended a banana, mango (both frozen) and young coconut meat and all of the coconut water and PRESTO... probably one of the most satisfying smoothies ive ever had!
It was creamy and coconutty and amazing
So one of my best friends works for ZICO coconut water... and was amazing enough to give me some free... FOUR BOXES OF THE STUFF!!! I really love coconut water because its  so high in potassium and electrolytes... its an amazing alternative to those yucky sports drinks (like gatorade) and is perfect after a hard work out (I used to drink one after every show!)

I decided to use one in a GREEN smoothie today! I have never had a green smoothie.. probably because every time my mom makes green JUICE i think its gross and smells like dirt haha.
This little green guy has a frozen banana and mango (i use them a lot I know) 3 kale leaves, some mango flavored coconut water and about a teaspoon vanilla extract!

YUMMMM I LOVED IT! the vanilla really came through and I couldnt even taste the Kale.

Horray for trying new things!!!

Ok that was a long post.. have a great day everyone!


Emily said...

Glad your hip is feeling better! The shoes look great!

I've never heard of groats before, but your bowl looked amazing. I love foods that fill you up and give you lasting energy.

I really need to try coconut water!

Have you started rehearsing for your show yet?

VeggieGirl said...

Fabulous new kicks!!

Hooray for feeling better!!


dreaminitvegan said...

Never heard of groats before either but wow does it look good!
Just like you, I also have been wanting to incorporate more raw foods, my son could eat raw 24-7 no problem. But when I think of it with all the juicing, fresh veggies and fruit to snack & salads, those are all raw or whole foods. It's the actual meals that I want to start incorporating into raw.

lesley said...

Yum, all those new things look good! I lvoe trying new things, too!!

and CONGRATS on winning those sweets shoes ... hooray! : )

Have a great weekend and enjoy the nice weather!!!

Becca said...

I heard of groats before but wasn't sure what they I want to try them. Where did you find the groats?

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love coconut water. What an amazing gift. I used to drink some all the time in my hometown in Costa Rica. You could buy them at the market for like 20 cents. They are healthy and awesome.

Dieting*Dancer said...

Hey, I am new to your blog. Although I am not a vegan by any means, I like to look at your different recipe's, some of them I have tried and have enjoyed!

I too, love dancing and have always had this dream of becoming what you have already become...a Rockette! I fell in love the first time I saw the Rockette's as a child. I read your q+a about the was interesting! I too have dealt with body image issues, and those mirrors didn't help much lol.. I am actually trying to get back into shape and lose about 20 lbs so that I can improve my dancing.

Glad to hear you made "the list", you must be soo proud of yourself. Congrats! Hope the hip feels better soon!

-Karla =)

Dieting*Dancer said...

Thanks so much for your comment and the advice! I really appreciate it!

Mandy said...

Can't believe It took me so long to run into your it. I just put you one my blog list so I can live vicariously through you! I am ADDICTED to coconut water..easy to get down here, have a beautiful fruitful tree in the back yard!
Good Luck..

Anonymous said...

The new shoes are gooorg. I want some! I should get some fancy pants runners too, I'll bet it makes running a whole new ball game!

FRESH coconut?! I want to try that so badly some day. I've never even tried coconut water. I'm pretty sure I'm missing out badly.

Emily said...

Maybe it depends on the kind you get? I noticed that mine has added brown sugar, which probably makes it sweeter. I would def try some agave!

ChickPea said...

Oooh! New sneaks and LOTS of coconut! This was a fab post in my book.

The Voracious Vegan said...

I'm glad your hip is feeling better! I've had to take 2 days off from running because my right foot is just killing me and I know it is because I need new shoes. this country finding decent running shoes is a real pain, but I just can't put it off any longer. Yours are so snappy by the way, very cool

Your meals never cease to inspire me, so healthy and colorful. Thank you!

Gina said...

I'm glad your hip is feeling better! The right running shoes really make a HUGE difference.

Coconut is so so yummy, so all your food looks awesome!

kristen :) said...

Hi! I just found your blog and am excited because I love seeing other dancers! I saw you guys in NC a couple years ago for christmas with my family. I've been dancing since I was 8 and have been on dance teams in HS and college. I don't dance as much as I used to now, but I just started my MS in ex phys (undergrad nutrition). I was born and raised in Vegas (college in Reno) and have always wanted to try out for a Vegas show for the heck of it! Can't wait to read more! Thanks!


Lauren said...

oh i know, isnt the weather just CRAZY lately? the 72 degrees today though..i'm definitely not going to complain!
your food all looks delicious, as usual!
and awesome you won the gift certificate! haha i feel like i never win anything woohoo! :)

Vegetation said...

I'm a little crazy for coconut myself. Yum!

Glad your hip is feeling a bit better. Sorry you hurt it :( (I'm still catching up on all my posts!)

Mandy said...

Thanks for checking out my blog...Have you done your first Bikrim class yet? I love hot yoga, it so nice. Just make sure you don't push to hard the first time, since you are already flexible I'm sure, it's easy to pull something if your not careful. Let me know how it goes!

PB and Jess said...

Groats are the best! I like your topping combinations too.

I've never had fresh coconut before but I'm dying to try it.

Anonymous said...

sweet pair of running shoes & im so happy your hip is feeling better!!!

coconut water sounds sooo refreshing!

Anonymous said...

The coconut drink looks amazing!!! I wish I had a blender!

Ruby Red Vegan said...

Oh my gosh, that young coconut smoothie....hehe, it looks so gooood! How the heck do you open a young coconut? I guess I could probably look it up on google... Okay I'm going to go do that now...

Kombuchachic said...

Yum, I love using young coconuts in smoothies too! Your groat cereal recipe sounds awesome! Are they buckwheat groats?

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