Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A Terrible Horrible no good Very Bad day

I have had lots of bad days. Sometimes you wake up in the morning and well everything goes wrong. Your late for school, your favorite cafe is out of your salad, you miss the only subway that will get you to the train on time. Stuff like that. Well, for me yesterday was nothing like that. 
   It was my day off from the show. I was going to rest my body, do some shopping and enjoy the day. I woke up at around 12:30 (which I never ever do) and laid in bed and watched  a movie. 
I realized that I was hungry, so I decided to go to Austin's famed 2nd and Congress. There are lots of cute boutiques and also some healthy restaurant options.. I WAS PUMPED!
  The First thing I did when I got down there was find some food! I walked into a little cafe called "Jo's". They had about 5 vegan/vegetarian options! I decided on the veggie burger, but before I ordered I made sure to ask them if there was soy in it. She said she highly doubted it since it would have said it on the board under the burgers ingredients. All it said was Black beans, Whole wheat rice, onion, garlic, red pepper, and portobello mushrooms. It sounded like something I even make at home, so I figured I was safe.
  Well, I'm not gunna lie, I scarfed the thing down. I hadnt had much of an appetite lately and was starving. I finished my burger and walked into the shop next door to look for a cute new years dress. And then it started.....

I started to feel burning and itchiness in the back of my throat. Sometimes that happens if a small trace of soy is in something I eat, but I usually can deal with it without having to take anything. When it started to get worse I realized I needed to take some benadryl... and I didnt have any with me. 

Luckily there was a CVS near by where i opened the package and took two doses right in the isle. Usually that will stop any reactions I am going to have, but it will make me super drowsy so i knew I had to head back to my hotel room. 

As I was walking back, my symptoms not only worsened they plummeted. I felt nauseous, I was sweating, and now my eyes, scalp, and hands were itching. I know those are weird places to feel severe itch, but thats when I know that I'm about to go into anaphylactic shock.. and soon.

I started throwing up the second I got back to my room, and then I called my mom. I was pretty frantic, and having her being thousands of miles away back in New York was even harder. I felt completely alone and scared, and I didnt know if I would have to take my epi pen or not. Well, when I looked in the mirror and realized that my eyes were swelling shut, I knew I had to. 

I opened my pen, jammed it in my thigh, ran down stairs to the lobby so I wouldn't be alone, and called an ambulance.

Everything after that is a big blur. They got there, checked my vital signs, got me in the ambulance and rushed me to the hospital. The entire way there I was throwing up, sweating, I couldn't focus on anything, and I kept passing out. I was terrified. 

A company manager met me at the hospital so that at least someone I knew would be with me. They gave me an IV with benadryl (because I had thrown everything I took up) and lots of fluid because I was so severely dehydrated, and within an hour I was fine. Its incredible what epinephrin can do for someone who is going into shock.

I stayed in the hospital for a couple of hours until they discharged me and told me to go home and get some rest.

Today I feel fine, well as fine as one can be after feeling like they got hit by a ton of bricks. Im just glad that i was able to handle the situation on my own. But this goes to show that restaurants are very insensitive to allergies. When someone asks a question about what the ingredients are, they have to be positive about their response. I know its my own fault for not being more careful, and just assuming that the waitress understood the severity of my allergy. It isnt her problem, nor her responsibility to make sure that I keep myself safe, but with accurate information, the whole situation could have been avoided. 

well now that you have all heard my story, I hope that you had a better day than I did!!!

on a brighter note, I WILL BE HOME IN 5 days!! HORRAY!!!

until next time Syn*

Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas time is here.. and gone... and still Rocketteing

Well Christmas was alright. I really missed my family, but it was great to be able to be surrounded by friends. 

In the morning I woke up and ordered room service with 6 of the girls. It was really fun. We just gossiped, ate, and enjoyed each others company. It was really hard being away from my family, but it helped to keep busy.

After breakfast, we headed over to the homeless shelter. When we arrived, they asked if anyone sang. Our santa (who plays piano beautifully) was there along with myself and one other Rockette who sings. We went into their chapel and sang charols while the people were entering the church. They LOVED IT!!! it was so rewarding to be able to lend my talents to make people who are so much less fortunate than I happy.

After our singing, we served dinner. I really cant explain how wonderful it felt to be able to provide help to these people. There were men dressed in fancy suits, clearly coming from a day at the office.. who also clearly had nothing.. and had to resort to a food kitchen on christmas eve. It is incredibly suprising to disover the people who are so desperatly in need. It could be the person walking next to you on the street... looking completely at ease with his life, but on the inside wondering how he is going to feed his children that night. I was sooo glad I was able to help. They were truly all so grateful for our help that night. That is the best kind of Christmas figt.

The next morning, I woke up and read the paper... and w
hat was there but an article... AND A PICTURE OF ME!!

It was awesome to see that our services did not go unnoticed...

I truly felt the spirit of giving.

Well... we're in TEXAS right now! and I only have one more city until i get to come home!! HORRAYYYY!!!!

till next time... VOS out :)

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

12 Days of Christmas!

Well friends... I have 12 days left of my contract! Which means 12 days till I get to be with my family... 12 days until i see my wonderful boyfriend, and 12 days until I HAVE MY KITCHEN BACK AND I CAN GO FOOD SHOPPING AND COOK!!!!I am sososoo excited to be done. I LOVE my job.. dont get me wrong. I want to do it every year... it is so completely rewarding and amazing and I am lucky... BUT MY BODY IS KILLING ME!!!

I have tendon itis in my hips, and I pulled a muscle in my back. Other than that I'm alright, but my body needs a rest. 

Well although my food has been boring. (still rice and beans, lots of salad, assorted steamed vegetables, pasta, and oat meal) I have gotten to do some really cool things.

In Baltimore, my parents came to see the show and spend some time with me. There is a huge aquarium there... I loved the beautiful colors, exotic animals, and positive messages that they represented. 

i love this quote too..
"If were to be responsible we must accept the fact that we owe a massive debt to our environment. It wont be settled in a matter of months, and it wont be forgiven us"

Not only did I get to see this beautiful marine life, but I was able to see my beautiful friends and family!!!! Here are some pictures of their visit! 
Here is Anthony and I <3
my aunt uncle, mother, and my aunts two friends, my dad is taking the picture :)
4 of my best friends :) Kristina, cristy, amanda and kate

   On a sad note, I will be alone on Christmas :( Anthony was going to come, but it didnt make sense financially since he has to work and I'm only in Tulsa (Where I will be for Christmas) for three days. I'm ok with it i suppose. It is going to be hard and lonely to have NO one I love on christmas, but I am lucky to have lots of great friends here on tour with me.. (there are lots of Christmas orphans as we like to call it)
    Lots of the girls are volunteering at a Food kitchen on Christmas evening. I feel like this is going to be soooo rewarding so I'm excited to give back to people less fortunate than I.
    My cast is also donating a bunch of tickets to a local orphanage that could'nt other wise afford to come. These kids are considered "un-adoptable" which is a terrible label, but they are 8-18 and are considered undesirable for adoption. Hopefully we can bring them some holiday job and allow them to experience a real christmas.

well sorry for the novel, I know I havent written very often. I will be home soon and back to my regular blogging ways.. cooking,.. food shopping...and being with friends and family :)

till later
xoxo and Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Rockettes- Finally

Hey guys!!! I wanted to post this video. Its of us doing our closing number called "Shine".

*On the stairs im on the bottom step second girl in
*During the dance im the second girl in the front row
*On the Runway im the last girl to step down on the right.


Sunday, November 23, 2008



I miss looking at all of your blogs, getting inspired, going to Whole Foods, buying my ingredients and cooking a yummy dinner!!! I miss taking pictures of my food and i miss posting it! I miss getting excited about what im going to cook and i miss everything!!!! RAR!!!

ok so now that my rant is over. I will say that I have been looking at everyone websites lately and I am so jealous!!!! I love my job so much but I kinda of cant wait to have my real life back.

My vegan food life has consisted of brown rice, beans, salad, and various steamed vegetables. This would be awesome... but its EVERY DAY!!! Right now I want a mean stir fry, or black bean burger... yea... i want an awesome veggie burger... AHH!!!

ok good night.. im going to go to bed with my belly grumbling ::sigh::

Monday, November 17, 2008

For the Kids

So a big part of my job is not only performing, but also giving back to the different communities that we come into. Tonight's performance was extremely special for me and my whole line.

In each city, we have an opening night event. Usually its to give tickets to some sort of underprivileged children so that they can come and see a show that they otherwise would not be able to attend. Well tonight, was dedicated to St. Jude's Children's hospital. 

When we march into the lobby we are in our soldier costumes. This is a unique costume because the hat covers our eyes making it impossible to see out, but we can see underneath the brim.  So when we came out, (I didnt know that this was a St. Jude's  ticket give away) I saw two little girls (in front of me) with beautiful green velvet christmas dresses on... then i realized.. these little girls had cancer. Their hair was gone, one of them had a face mask on. Then i looked around and realized that all of these children were gravely ill. One little boy was in a wheel chair and had shriveled legs... another had braces on her legs. There were under developped children, children with all sorts and stages of cancer. It was heart breaking.

As the event proceeded, I realized that the mother with the two little girls in the green velvet dresses was crying... tears of happiness. Her daughters were smiling brightly as Santa Claus spoke to the crowd and they seemed overwhelmed by the Rockettes... our prescence. After we marched away most of us had tears in our eyes. This is another reason why I love my job. Because for one night, these children were able to excape the hospital beds. They were able to escape doctors and disease.... they were taken to a world where Christmas is all around. Where Santa Claus flies over them. Where there is a snow blizzard over their heads... and where the Radio City Rockettes smile and kick their way into their hearts. I have the most amazing job... and I am so lucky to be able to touch people in the way that I do.

So tonight. Before you go to bed... thank god for what you have. Thank god for all of the healthy children that you have in your life, and pray that those who are less fortunate are able to pull through.

XxMerry Christmas to all.. and to all a Good NightxX

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Well We have been on tour for about a week now! the show is getting great response and Im really proud to be in something so wonderful. Right now were in Green Bay Wisconson. Oh boy.. is there NOTHING to do here. And all they eat is meat and CHEESE! a vegans NIGHT MARE!!! I dont mean to offend anyone from this sure if I great up here i would grow to appreciate a place that bases their lives around whole milk lates and cheese curdles, but for now, this new york girl misses her fast paced, vegan friendly life!!!
On the vegan end, ive been eating lots of brown rice, black beans, and salads... and any sort of whole grain carbs i can get my hands on. Surprisingly I am getting plenty of energy through my diet so im not to worried. The caterers are really super supportive and are always whipping up some sort of vegan concoction. We've had stir fries, stuffed tomatoes, even vegan meatloaf (which im allergic to so i cant eat, but its the thought that counts :)

I want to share some pictures with you all of my show, its absolutley beautiful and im really proud!!!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Appreciation to my fellow bloggers!!!

       I decided to turn vegan after doing some research and realizing that veganism was the best way to keep my weight down, cleanse my body, and feel great about myself... all the while helping the environment and supporting my furry/feathery/fuzzy/scaley friends!
       Well everyone knows the fastest easiest way to get information is via internet. Whenever I would pop "Vegan"  into google, a gillion blogs would come up!! well I started to read these blogs... every day! They inspired me, and they let me know that I wasnt alone in all of this. There were "Crazy health freaks" out there just like me!!! They let me in on the "secrets" of being vegan, vegan products, vegan recipes, etc. I had never even attempted cooking or baking before turning vegan and I have learned that cooking/baking is truly a passion of mine!
       Well as I have said numerous times I have been super busy. Posting on blogs isnt always within my time frame. (Lets face it.. i wake up at 945, im out of my hotel room by 11, at rehearsal at 12... and am there until ATLEAST 10:30 pm!!!) With this sort of schedule it is almost impossible. But the first thing I do every morning, besides check my email, and my facebook (i cant help it) I check out a bunch of blogs! 
   As I was scoping out the daily posts of my fav bloggers I though "I wish I knew how inspiring they were to me". And you really all are. I've made friends, and learned sososso much about not only veganism but myself as well. Well.. the very first blogs I ever read were Fat Free Vegan Kitchen , Katie from Chocolate Covored Vegan, and Liz from Veggie thank you to you three for jump starting my vegan life!!!
   And then I got to thinking, I am inspired each and every day by different people. My mother inspires me to reach my dreams, and to never give up. My boyfriend inspires me to be the very best at everything I do (my only competition is myself) my friend Jenna inspires me to not let ANYONE or ANYTHING get in my way, my Rockette friends inspire me to be the best performer that I can be.... I am inspired all the time... and I think that it is an important thing  to think about once in a while..What are YOU inspired by? And How can we become better people??

just some VEGAN food for thought :)


First I want to start off with saying I'm sorry for the LACK of pictures. I still kind of feel weird bringing out my camera and taking pictures of the food I eat with my new Radio City friends! I know its stupid.. they all know I'm vegan... but still.

So since we spend so much time at rehearsal (we're at the arena from 1-10:30pm... tech rehearsal for all of you theatre kids out there) We get catering! We actually have catering that travels with us on tour so that we are provided breakfast lunch and dinner every day!!! WOHOO!!!! Well our caterer... IS AMAZINGGGGGG. They said that they would provide vegan options for me, but I wasn't sure how "VEGAN" they would be. (For a non vegan... vegetables doused in butter sometimes qualify!) Well when I walked into the room yesterday for our first day of catering there were salads, fruits, and a vegan pastry topped with apricot and mango chutney!! YUMMM... also there were stuffed tomatoes with whole grain rice and cous cous and such.... SO GOOD!!!!!!!!!!! well I have to go to rehearsal right now 

Monday, October 13, 2008

Hershey PA

This weekend was absolutely amazing. After rehearsal on Saturday, I heard a knock at my door and it was my boyfriend ANTHONY :)!!!! It was so wonderful to see him... I sometimes forget what its like to have someone that I love around.. its so refreshing.

We headed into the city to go out to dinner. OH MY GOODNESS I MISS THE CITY! Not only is it incredibly  beautiful (IM SORRY I THINK IT IS) but it is so much fun! We walked around, went out to get dinner, and just enjoyed each others company. 
After our city fun, we went back to my house (WHERE I SAW MY PUPPY CODY!!! god i missed him) 
Next day we got CHIPOTLE (I love their vegetarian salad... no cheese) and then headed back to CT. Although We didn't get much time together, it was amazing and I love spending time with Anthony. I am really lucky to have someone who cares so much about me, and would go out of his way to see me... even hen I happen to be far away. 

Well today we left early from CT to head to PA. We stopped about 4 hours into our trip for lunch. I was hoping they would stop at a service area where there are lots of options, but they just pulled off of the pkwy into a random area. There was nothing but fast food, and a Bob Evans. Ive never been there but some of the girls assured me it was decent. Well I ordered a vegetable stir fry. I was excited that I had found something I could eat even under those circumstances. It came out and was pretty much a huge plate of rice and a MINIMAL amount of vegetables. I was mad. I hate when restaurants advertise one thing and then present you with another!!! ROARRRRR

Then once we got here there wasnt much but a TGI FRIDAYS, so we went there. I asked if there were any vegetarian options and the jerky waiter replied "We dont really cater to vegetarians." That made me even more annoyed. I ended up getting a "Santa Fay Chicken salad" minus the chicken and cheese, vinaigrette on the side. Of course when it came it was doused in gross ranch dressing. I just couldn't win! They were so slow and rude... I HATE RESTAURANTS SOMETIMES!!!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Early morning post... and a confession :(

Well.. I've been living in Mystic CT for the past month rehearsing and all of that fun stuff.

Have any of you ever heard of the movie "Mystic Pizza"??? It's Julia Roberts first movie. Well that movie originated at a pizza place here! Last night for dinner we went out to the famous Mystic Pizza to taste a "Slice of Heaven". I LOVE pizza... and i miss eating pizza with cheese on it... so when i ordered I "Forgot" To say "NO CHEESE". When my pizza came, the gooey cheezey goodness was screaming "EAT ME!" and... I did. I felt so bad about it afterwards. I do believe in veganism and I want to hold fast to my morals and values. After eating this pizza I did get a tummy ache and decided thats enough cheese for me... but I felt bad about eating it... but I guess we all cant be perfect huh.

In other news, today is my last day in Mystic CT!!! IM very excited about it. I like it here just fine but im excited to go on to the next stage of my touring experience.. next stop... HERSHEY PENNSYLVANIA!  Were going to be rehearsing in an arena to get the feel of what the entire tour will be like.. and iM PUMPED!!! Anthony is also coming today to visit me... I haven't seen him in a MONTH so im really excited!!!!!

HORRAY FOR GOOD DAYS (and glad the bad tummy ache is over!)


Thursday, October 9, 2008


Well... I know that there has been LOTS of buzz about the upcoming election. Although I am not an expert politician, I know what I believe in, and I know what policies effect me directly. I feel the Obama would be the best choice for me... which is why I really hope he wins!!! Not only do I think Mccain is too old fashioned and I dont think he is the type of president that America needs right now....

   Now lets take a look at his VP.... ummmmm..... not so sure she is the brightest crayon in the box. Not only is she a terrible speaker (Biden killed her in the debate!), but her views are absolutely ridiculous. 
I am not an advocate for abortion... but I think that in the correct circumstances it may be necessary. I was watching an interview where she was asked if a girl is raped by her FATHER should she be able to have an abortion. Sarah proceeded to answer that she thinks abortion is wrong in all circumstances and that girl should absolutely have that child. 
  As a vegan... I am very aware of animal rights and global warming. Even though she is from Alaska, a region directly effected by global warming, she believes that this warming is simply a result of a cyclical pattern in our environment and that humans dont have all that much to do with it.... hmmmmm shes a winner huh... she also thinks that Polar bears should be taken off of the endangered species list... she believes they should be able to be hunted..

I dunno.. I just dont see a woman who goes out and hunts Moose for dinner to be a good choice to help run our country... but thats just me.... but I mean Hey... she is a hockey mom.. so she must understand the American People!

If you havent noticed.. I think that she is an idiot... I am all for women in politics. I think that we are just as smart (If not smarter he he) than men... but this woman is an insult to us... But then again... thats just my opinion... 

If you share the same views as I do... please watch this video... its HYSTERICAL :)
( I couldnt get it to upload on this post.. but its below)

if you hate palin as much as I do... please watch this!!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A Team!

So we've nick named our Line the "A-team". I mean we are pretty awesome.. so why the hell not be number one right!!! And I must say we truly are a team! Today we had to shoot a film that will be played during the show. Its going to look as though it's on a huge bill board behind us as we kick. It was actually really cool to shoot because they painted the entire studio blue. Like how they do it when the make movies like "The Golden Compas" and "Lord of the Rings". The only down side was that we were kicking on concrete. Each set of kicks we did had  32 kicks in all... we did that 15 times... thats 480 kicks... thats a lot of kicks in 2 hours!
   The fun part was that we were in full make up/ hair, and COSTUME!!! here are some fun pics from the shoot :) oh and we got free lunch.. and they made Ratatouille for the vegans! (all two of us) exciting!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Follow your dreams...

I'm a lucky girl. I have been able to follow my dreams and peruse a performance career. People actually pay me to do what I love... and it's awesome. Through out my life people have told me that this dream is unattainable. They have said that this career path is pointless, there are no financial rewards, and that I should choose a more sensible option. Well I never wanted to. I always knew this is what I would do, and that there is nothing else I would be happy doing. 
    For the second year, I will be doing my dream job. A Check off on my "To Do" list of life goals....and I never want to stop.. i absolutely love my job.. BUT MY GOD IS IT HARD!!!!!

Not only do we need to learn choreography, but we need to learn lines and depths. In the front of the stage there are numbers from 
0-26. In the center there is #0...and then on either side of 0 are numbers 1-26 (aka there are two 2's, two 4's etc). So not only do I have to know what number I am suposed to be dancing on at any given moment, but as rockettes we must be EXACTLY THE SAME.. therefore we have to be on the same "depths". So along with the numbers, there are different lines on the stage as well. There are lines of pluses, dashes, circles and solids. But of course we are not only just on the lines.. we could be toeing the line (toes on line) Heeling (heels on lines) Balling (balls of our feet on the lines) even arching (arches on the line) we also could be half way between two different lines (ex: 1/2 btwn circle solid). AKA That leaves lots of options for the places we can be on stage. 
   Not only do we just have a stage, but on this arena tour we also have a runway that juts out into the audience. On the runway there are a number of lines and also colored circles on the side of it to determine where we can be. AHH SO MANY POSSIBILITIES!!! (and people think dancers arent intelligent... i dare anyone to memorize all of this information!)
    So... all at once, we are singing, dancing, making sure our lines are PERFECTLY strait (and i mean PERFECT) making sure we are spaced correctly on our proper numbers...all the while trying to get through any sort of high intensity dance! (one of our numbers is about 12 minutes long) 
   The fun parts are the beautiful costumes, the little girls who are dying to give you a hug because when they grow up they want to be just like you... and when you look out into the audience you see all of the smiling faces and you know that you are bringing these people such pure joy... so although it's hard...and although rehearsals are 6 hours a day 6 days a week... 
(This is our rehearsal space) The circular space is where the ice skating rink is going to be.. leading onto the stage is the runway and then that long space in the back is the main stage :) )

although we have to be PERFECT and constantly alert and on our game... it's all worth it.. because in the end... its what I love... and whats better than that?

Thursday, October 2, 2008

A Rockin Rockette!

Well...rehearsals have been CRAZY!!! as of tomorrow we will have learned the entire show!! thats 9 numbers of eye high kick goodness! Other than my body hurting and my brain full of numbers, travels, choreography of every kind, and christmas melodies, im having a great time! People ask me all the time if we all really get along... and the answer is USUALLY. Its hard with 34 girls together 24/7 but I really have made some life long friends. heres a pic of me and two new Rockettes.. I LOVE THEM!!!

I am super excited becuase our caterer (yes we have a caterer traveling with us as well to provide all of our meals!) has been notified that me and one other cast member are vegans.. and he has agreed to have options for us! HORRAYYY!!!! they also told me that they would be willing to hold onto my hemp protein and rice milk... ( since i dont do soy!) im sos os os os oso sos happy! im really glad that I have stayed true to myself through out this journey (so far) Its really important to stick to your morals and values. It's so easy to compromise.. BUT I DONT WANT TO!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


AGAIN i want to thank you all for your suggestions.. believe me I have taken most of them!!!

Well Anthony came to visit me this weekend.. and with him he brought two bags of Whole Foods Goodies that my mommy sent with him. Some of my favorites included Hemp Milk, Hemp Protein Powder, Chia Seeds, Veggie Crisps, and lots and lots of dried fruit!!! Thanks to Veggie Girl... and lots of other knowledgable bloggers, I have learned that Hemp not only has lots of protein, but has lots of calcium, fiber, minerals, and is gluten and lactose free!!

My mom also presented her trainer with my food dilemma and she suggested Chia Seeds. Yes Chia seeds are used for those stupid little plant pets that sprout hair like grass all over the place... but little do many people know about their nutritional and medecinal value. Apparenly Chia seeds were used by Indian Warriors before they went to battle. They would eat as little as a teaspoon to give them the energy they needed in order to function and perform their best. Although I am no warrior, I am a professional dancer who needs as much energy and strength that I can get.. so i decided to try myself some warrior worthy Chia seeds!!

These seeds are awesome because when they are mixed with a liquid (rice, soy or hemp milk especially) they soak up the liquid forming a pudding like substance. Add some agave, 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla, and some hemp protein and you have yourself an energy boosting, protein  enhancing puddingy bowl of deliciousness! hahah... it kinda looks gross but tastes pretty good and has so much goodness in it its impossible to pass up!
heres a pretty great article on these seeds... check it out! 

Well other than that nothing super exciting or new is going on with me... ive been dancing non stop... my brain hurts from learning all of this new choreography.. and I am having a great time meeting all of these new people and doing what I love.

Im sorry I havent commented on anyones blogs in a while.. Ive been so busy its hard for me to even post on mine.. but i promise I will get around to it!!!!


Thursday, September 18, 2008


Hey guys!! 
thank you so much for all of your supportive words and helpful advice!!
I will definitely put them to use... my mom already bought lots of the stuff you all told me about and is sending me a care package. 

Tonight, some of the girls and I went out to Outback Steak House. A lot of the time I would normally eat something before I went, but since we went strait from rehearsal, I was hoping they would have something for me...but at a STEAK HOUSE?! I wasnt so convinced,,, but I still wanted to go out with I went...thinking I was going to eat some lettuce and tomato.

THEY HAD SOMETHING FOR ME!!! I had grilled vegetables, with grilled pineapple and multigrain rice... HOW GREAT!!! totally hit the spot. I also had them bring me a sweet potato (with the skin on it)

Rehearsal has been ok. We have been learning so much, and its sort of overwhelming. My body is sore, but I have been ice bathing so its really helping. (Yes... we sit in huge horse troughs of Ice water... usually between 48-50 degrees for 10 minutes after rehearsal) I dont have many blisters, but I do tape my feet every day and make sure I really take care of them...there is nothing worse than getting a bad blister.. and having to shove your food into a pair of heels and dance in them for 6 hours! UGH
(pic of my feet from last year all taped up... and a huge bruise from jumping on my food with a heel on)

So i wanted to say thank you again for all of your advice... I cant wait to try some of the suggestions and I plan on staying completely vegan while I am "on Stage!"

till tomorrow...your favorite Rockette...*

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


(just a silly pic of me from last years season with one of the camels!!!)


I have been thinking that I just wasnt going to post while I was in rehearsals for this show. its absolutley insane....but I need the advice of my vegan friends now more than ever.

Not only have we been rehearsing 6 hours a day for 6 days a week... but we're staying in hotel suites that HAVE NO KITCHEN!!!! The grocery store is seriously lacking in vegan goodies, and I have pretty much lost all appetite due to stress.

What is a vegan suposed to do!!

Today we had an information session about nutrition and all about what we need to be able to get through this show.

I know many of you are athletic...maybe even marathon runners...but this is something completely different. We are non stop for 6 days a week 6 hours a day. Our show is 90 minutes long.. and the longest break we have between numbers is like 2 minutes. We have to do this show up to four times a day. Not only will I be needing extra calories, but they are telling me that I wont get enough nutrients if I keep up a dairy free/meat free lifestyle. I need to prevent injury and if I do get injured, I need my body to be able to heal itself in a quick manner.


Any Bars... or easy to put together (WITHOUT AN OVEN.... i do have a microwave) foods that will save me!?!?!?

I really dont want to re-introduce dairy into my diet.. and i refuse to eat meat. Im also allergic to all soy...and most nuts (not pistachios or pine nuts)

I swear these people really think im crazy. They cant believe that I life a vegan lifestyle and am allergic to so many things. I just dont know what to do without compromising my ethics and health...
SO PLEASE If anyone has any suggestions, or supportive tips they can send my way they will be greatly appreciated.

thanks so much you guys...

I promise Ill keep you posted on everything here!!!

-love your favorite Rockette!!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Pam Anderson... fighting for animal rights!

Ive never been a crazy fan of reality shows. Frankly I feel that they take jobs and opportunities away from actors who have trained and worked hard to be able to fill those slots on television shows. Well today when I turned on the television "Pam Girl on the Loose" was on. I immediatly rolled my eyes and thought.. good god another one!!!! 
After running up stairs to get some cereal (yummy granola with rice milk  he he) I came down to a television full of picketers and PETA rights activists. 
I Completely forgot that Pamela Anderson was a huge supporter of PETA and animal rights. Sometimes I feel that the protests and visuals that PETA gives us are overwhelming, but all in all I think they are a wonderful group. 
Pam was protesting cruel and gruesome animal testing. I was surprised at the images that they were showing on television. Monkeys with their mouthes wide open in fear, Dogs being washed in chemical based shampoo, bunnies being injected with needless in their eye balls, and squealing mice being shocked and manipulated. These visions broke my heart, and reminded me why I have become, and sustained a vegan lifestyle.
I must admit, I originally became a vegan for the health reasons. I wanted to lose weight and I wanted to be as healthy as possible. I always had difficulty losing weight and keeping it off...veganism was the first time that it was easy, and also quite fun. I put my whole self into the lifestyle and saw instant results. My skin, immune system, energy, and stamina all increased, and I was a happier more satisfied Synthia.
Well along the way, I became increasingly aware of animal rights. I have always been a huge fan of animals. I gave up all red meat and pork at age seven because of the movie Babe!(im not sure why i kept eating chicken and turkey) Now I have read so many articles about the topic, and am truly passionate about animal rights.
Check out PETAS  website!



Sunday, August 24, 2008



Well Im back from my show :) Im sad that its over, but glad to have a life back for atleast three more weeks. 

Well, I kept up with my vegan diet while I was there, but i didnt eat anything interesting or exciting. I ate a lot of morning star veggie burgers, salads, soup, cereal, and amy's meals...mostly anything that was quick and easy. 

Well for some good news.. my mother has gone vegan!!! Her cholesterol has lowered dramatically and has seen a significant weight loss. Im so proud of her :)

My mothers personal trainer is a raw vegan and has been extremely helpful with information with our diets. She found this article and sent it out to her clients. Im not sure how i feel about it. In summary, this doctor thinks that adding a small amount of eggs (once in a while) or fish oil to a vegan diet is helpfull in sustaining strength, stamina, What do you think?

well thats all for now... i cant wait to get back to cooking!!!!

Friday, August 1, 2008



First I want to start this post by saying I miss you all so 
much! I miss our conversations via posts... i miss posting.. and most of all I MISS COOKING AND POSTING!!!! From the moment I started this blog it was so great to have a network of people who UNDERSTOOD.
You all inspired me to make my own vegan creations and then to eventually share them with the blogging world.
You were all there for me during my hard times (losing my uncle and 
my dog) and sent lots of congratulations and kind words during 
my achievements! (Radio City, Producers)
I have been meaning to post.. and have even taken some pictures 
to post.. but it just boils down to the fact that I HAVE NO TIME.
When I do have time I am at the gym, or hanging with my cast, or doing a show and unfortunately blogging has taken a back burner. 
I know that "Real LIfe" should come first.. but this blog has 
become a huge part of my "Real Life!"  I hate that I have neglected it.

SO Instead of telling myself I will get to it.. I will post later...
 I will catch up on all of the vegan goodness that this community has to offer... I am going to put my blog on hold.
I know I would just be kidding myself if I said that I had time to post, comment, and read every blog that I have grown to love.
When I get back home (which is in 3 weeks) hopefully I will start up again... and I am really hoping to fill everyone in on everything while Im on tour with the Rockettes this season.. but for now.. I will say "So Long"... not forever.. but for a while atleast.


Prisoners of love!

"The pearl ladies"
OLD LADIES!!!<-- I do a scene and my name is HOLD ME TOUCH ME! haha

Opening night party... and a costume party "Christmas in July"


Monday, July 21, 2008


HI GUYS!!!! I am SOOOO sorry i've been so mia lately...!!!

Things have been crazy with rehearsals and now we're in tech rehearsals... that means that we are in the theatre from 12pm till 12am... its hell!!!

so i havent had any time to update or even think about anything but the Producers!!!

Its really fun though! I love my cast and love being a part of something!

I wont lie... I havent taken any pictures of my food lately... I've kinda been grabbing whatever is quickest.. (and vegan of course!)

For a while atleast my posts will be sporadic... but dont think that I dont think of all of you!!!
I love this little family that I have found within blogging and i certainly dont want to lose it..!!!!

Ill post something interesting soon I SWEAR!!!

Friday, July 11, 2008


WOW! i am seriously the happiest girl right now.

Aside from loving this show I'm doing right now.. I GOT THE CALL  I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR!!

Radio City offered me a position as a Rockette on their Arena Tour!! Its going to be a HUGEEEEEE deal. Theyre taking the new york show on the road (There is a double decker the exact ones you see on the street in NYC on stage that we dance on... just to give you a hint of the size of this show.... theres also ice skaters and a costume covored in swarovski crystals... hmmm!!!!)

Its like 10 times better than the show I did last year and I am soooo honored to be asked back... AHH HORRAY!!!!!

So NOW you all have to look at this website.. and if we're comming to a city near you.. YOU HAVE TO COME SEE IT!!! (and let me know if you can because I can always bring you back stage for fun times !!!

OK! So I've been eating really really well lately.. I'll post my food later ( i actually took a picture today hahaha... no one was around! )


Thursday, July 10, 2008


Well today was our first day of rehearsal!

It was really fun but really exhausting. I have a LOT of music to learn tonight before staging it all tomorrow. The cast is really nice and everyone is super talented!

So i actually had a really great food day!
I havent taken any pictures yet... im not sure if my new room mates would think its totally weird that im taking pictures of all of my food! (i will but not just yet)
I broke it to a couple of people that im vegan and the usual response is "Wow I could never do that"... the funny thing is that I never thought that I could do it and here I am.. about 6 months later.. happier and healthier than ever (I will admit I have strayed a couple of times... with dairy.. But I really try hard not to and I do consider myself a dedicated vegan)

So although there are no pictures, I will tell you a little about my intake today.

Im not sure where everyone is from (obviously) but there is a HUGE Wegmans across the street from where we are living. Wegmans is just like Whole Foods....BUT BETTER! Its got everything and is REALLY cheap.. i couldnt believe how little my bill was after all of the wholesome foods I bought (I know that you all know how expensive a healthy lifestyle can be!)

So for lunch I had a small salad with a grilled portobello mushroom and grilled eggplant, artichoke salad, and no dressing! The juices from all of the veggies was MORE than enough. I also had a small side of tabouli. YUMM YUMMM

For  a snack I had some dried fruit and pistachios... Now ON PISTACHIOS.. im really sad because I had NO idea how many calories were in them... apparently in a cup there are around 700!!!! (thats what my mom said so take that with a grain of salt)

Dinner was a huge salad with rasberries, mushrooms, avocado, rice cheese, cherry tomatoes, cucumber and pumpkin seeds with a bowl of butternut squash soup!!!

I've been snacking on blueberries all night and i think i might turn into one!!!

Well I've only been gone one day and I already miss home. Im definitely a home body and i am super close with my friends and family (and i miss anthony :( ) but i realize this is my career and I have to do what i have to do! so on that note!!!


Wednesday, July 9, 2008


SORRY IVE BEEN MIA LATELY!!!Things have been crazy, but Im finally settling down... AT MY NEW JOB!!!

As I said before I took a job doing the show "The Producers" At the Merry Go Round Theatre.
I just got here today!!! I havent met many people yet but everyone I have seems really nice. I get a little nervous in situations like these, but I always end up having a blast!

Well I wanted to post some Montreal pictures. Anthony and 
I had the best time!!!

When we got there (after the 7 hour drove) we had a light lunch and
 then went to the Jazz festival!! It was a free festival with about 10 stag
es all within a couple of blocks.. it was sososoo great!
We also went on a 30 mile bike ride through out montreal!!!
This is a pic of the "Bike Only Bridge".. breath taking huh

and here are the happy (and very sweaty) Synthia and Anthony!

Here I am by a beautiful fountain in old
 montreal :)...this next picture makes me smile...

So does this!

So All in All we had a great time!!!

When I got home the other night My mom was behind my boat... (we have our boat in our drive way at the moment) When I went over to see what was going on.. i saw this!!!!!
There are lots of stray cats in my neighbor hood.. but this little guy cant be more than 6 weeks old.. he is sosososo sweet... he lets us pick him up, and pet him and he purrs at our legs! My mom wont take him in.. but she has been feeding him, and lets hi
m hang around our house.. I think by the time I get home from my show we will have adopted him..
Mom calls him "Friend". Anthony started calling him "Friendo" hahah so thats his name for now :)
common how do you say NO to that!?!?!?!?

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