Wednesday, September 17, 2008


(just a silly pic of me from last years season with one of the camels!!!)


I have been thinking that I just wasnt going to post while I was in rehearsals for this show. its absolutley insane....but I need the advice of my vegan friends now more than ever.

Not only have we been rehearsing 6 hours a day for 6 days a week... but we're staying in hotel suites that HAVE NO KITCHEN!!!! The grocery store is seriously lacking in vegan goodies, and I have pretty much lost all appetite due to stress.

What is a vegan suposed to do!!

Today we had an information session about nutrition and all about what we need to be able to get through this show.

I know many of you are athletic...maybe even marathon runners...but this is something completely different. We are non stop for 6 days a week 6 hours a day. Our show is 90 minutes long.. and the longest break we have between numbers is like 2 minutes. We have to do this show up to four times a day. Not only will I be needing extra calories, but they are telling me that I wont get enough nutrients if I keep up a dairy free/meat free lifestyle. I need to prevent injury and if I do get injured, I need my body to be able to heal itself in a quick manner.


Any Bars... or easy to put together (WITHOUT AN OVEN.... i do have a microwave) foods that will save me!?!?!?

I really dont want to re-introduce dairy into my diet.. and i refuse to eat meat. Im also allergic to all soy...and most nuts (not pistachios or pine nuts)

I swear these people really think im crazy. They cant believe that I life a vegan lifestyle and am allergic to so many things. I just dont know what to do without compromising my ethics and health...
SO PLEASE If anyone has any suggestions, or supportive tips they can send my way they will be greatly appreciated.

thanks so much you guys...

I promise Ill keep you posted on everything here!!!

-love your favorite Rockette!!!


Anonymous said...

We've missed you Syn! Rehersals sound super intense! I don't really think I know what would be helpful to your diet dilemma :(. I really hope you can figure something out! Best of luck with everything!

VeggieGirl said...

Syn!!! Glad to see you posting again!!!

I too am training TONS for dance - I HIGHLY suggest adding hemp protein powder to your diet (in smoothies and such) for extra calories, PROTEIN, iron, etcetera. Here's the brand I recommend:

Green Eyes, Green Heart said...

Sweet potatoes do well in the microwave...try nuking them for 3 minutes on each side (more or less depending on the size of said potato). Also, Amy's meals--frozen, soups, etc.--are convenient, healthy, and taste great!

Anonymous said...


SO GLAD to hear from you again.. I've been missing my vegan on stage! I'm wishing you luck during these times!

I know that it can be so hard for vegans to not be looked at as weird, but I do believe that it is possible to be vegan and on stage, if it's something you're really passionate about!

For protein, I usually eat lots of beans, sometimes, for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! I'll have some beans for breakfast, beans for lunch, and sometimes beans for dinners. There's garbanzo, black, pinto, red, cannelini... so many beans to choose from! Also, tofu is a good protein source: eat it straight up or buy the aseptic package and blend it in a smoothie!

I like Liz's idea of the hemp protein powder! Thanks for the recommendation VeggieGirl! Will buy it as soon as I can!
I think there's also brown rice protein powder that's vegan and gluten free. I think the brand is MLO? I've also heard of a raw power protein powder (I think I saw it a WF).

Hopefully that helped a little and I really hope you can stick with veganism while on stage.. but if it proves to be too difficult, I understand. But I hope you can figure out a solution!

Let us know what you decided to do! :-)

ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

Gosh you are gorgeous! I know I tell you that all the time, but I must say it again.

My favorite bars are Nectar bars (only the chocolate ones), closely followed by Jocalat bars. Seriously, those chocolate-coffee jocalat bars taste like brownies!

Catherine said...

I love Liz's idea of the hemp protein powder -- I have a feeling you're going to be downing TONS of smoothies during rehearsal! (What else can you gulp during your two-minute breaks, and still give you time to pee or sit down for a second?) Do you have a magic bullet or other mini-blender that you can use to whip up a giant smoothie every day??

Bianca said...

Do the hotels even have microwaves? If so, you can stick with simple dishes made with beans and instant can even steam veggies in the microwave.

Also, you mentioned that sunflower seed butter once in a post. Maybe you could keep jars of that on you with bread for quick snack sandwiches.

And someone else mentioned smoothies, which would work in a hotel if you have a blender you're traveling with...

Also, is there a Subway nearby? I know their wheat bread contains honey, but I'm willing to cheat with honey sometimes in that situation. Their veggie subs are delicious!

And I know it's not exactly healthy, but Taco Bell's beans are vegan and those places are everywhere. I always get the seven layer burrito with no cheese or sour cream (it's already meatless) or the Bean Burrito Fresco (no cheese). Also the Cheesy Bean and Rice Burrito with no cheese is excellent.

I think you can manage your vegan diet on the road....when you get to another location, look for a health food store to stock up. Or could your family send you a care package?

Melisser; the Urban Housewife said...

Beans! Flax! Hemp! Maybe you can find Heinz beans in tomato sauce & have those with a dense flax bread? Also, chickpeas- I'm sure they have hummus. I would find a vegan protein powder & add that in to things. Do you have access to VEGA? It's a meal replacement for vegan athletes!
Best of luck!

Ruby Red Vegan said...

Good luck with that crazy schedule of yours! I admire you so much that you want to honor your ethics and health by maintaining a vegan diet in a crazy lifestyle -- and it is totally, completely possible.

I don't know if nutty things would weigh you down too much for how active you are, but peanut butter and fruit preserves sandwiches on whole grain bread are a quick option that is delish -- and adding extra peanut butter could give you some more calories. Bananas are cheap and easy, and you could get some steam-in-the-bag veggies for the microwave. I used to steam broccoli as my vegetable source just about every day. Vegan energy bars are also an option, and I second the bean suggestion. I love beans so much! They keep you full for a long time and are just so good for you, and you can pair them with brown rice for a yummy meal. Uncle Ben's brand is one you can find at tons of regular grocery stores -- pop that brown rice in the micro for 90 seconds, and all done! It's in the aisle with the dry rice but is already cooked for you; it just needs re-heating. Quick oats (not instant, those are yucky) can be made in the microwave too, with water and sliced bananas. Then you could add some peanut butter for a yummy snack or breakfast!

Hope those ideas help!

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