Tuesday, December 23, 2008

12 Days of Christmas!

Well friends... I have 12 days left of my contract! Which means 12 days till I get to be with my family... 12 days until i see my wonderful boyfriend, and 12 days until I HAVE MY KITCHEN BACK AND I CAN GO FOOD SHOPPING AND COOK!!!!I am sososoo excited to be done. I LOVE my job.. dont get me wrong. I want to do it every year... it is so completely rewarding and amazing and I am lucky... BUT MY BODY IS KILLING ME!!!

I have tendon itis in my hips, and I pulled a muscle in my back. Other than that I'm alright, but my body needs a rest. 

Well although my food has been boring. (still rice and beans, lots of salad, assorted steamed vegetables, pasta, and oat meal) I have gotten to do some really cool things.

In Baltimore, my parents came to see the show and spend some time with me. There is a huge aquarium there... I loved the beautiful colors, exotic animals, and positive messages that they represented. 

i love this quote too..
"If were to be responsible we must accept the fact that we owe a massive debt to our environment. It wont be settled in a matter of months, and it wont be forgiven us"

Not only did I get to see this beautiful marine life, but I was able to see my beautiful friends and family!!!! Here are some pictures of their visit! 
Here is Anthony and I <3
my aunt uncle, mother, and my aunts two friends, my dad is taking the picture :)
4 of my best friends :) Kristina, cristy, amanda and kate

   On a sad note, I will be alone on Christmas :( Anthony was going to come, but it didnt make sense financially since he has to work and I'm only in Tulsa (Where I will be for Christmas) for three days. I'm ok with it i suppose. It is going to be hard and lonely to have NO one I love on christmas, but I am lucky to have lots of great friends here on tour with me.. (there are lots of Christmas orphans as we like to call it)
    Lots of the girls are volunteering at a Food kitchen on Christmas evening. I feel like this is going to be soooo rewarding so I'm excited to give back to people less fortunate than I.
    My cast is also donating a bunch of tickets to a local orphanage that could'nt other wise afford to come. These kids are considered "un-adoptable" which is a terrible label, but they are 8-18 and are considered undesirable for adoption. Hopefully we can bring them some holiday job and allow them to experience a real christmas.

well sorry for the novel, I know I havent written very often. I will be home soon and back to my regular blogging ways.. cooking,.. food shopping...and being with friends and family :)

till later
xoxo and Happy Holidays!


talieworld said...

Yay! I'm so glad your posting! I missed hearing the adventures of my favorite Rockette. :)

I'm sorry you can't be with your family for Christmas :(. Your plans still sound fun though!

As for me, freshmen year has been fun, but hectic. I'm transferring to a school in CT next semester so I'm getting ready for another big change!

Maryann said...

Just think how much fun you will have when you are all together!! Merry Christmas our dear Rockette!

vegannurse said...

I loved reading this post, Syn.. I've missed you!

It looks like you're having a great time.. and yes, the holidays are upon us. It truly is the most wonderful time of the year, even though, yes, it's super cold outside, haha.

I know your Christmas won't be quite traditional, but your plans so fun, all the same!

Wishing you a very happy holiday!


Lauren said...

Sorry you are going to be alone and about all your aches and pains. But I am glad to hear you will be posting more soon! Good luck with the rest of your shows. Have a great Christmas!

VeggieGirl said...

Soooo exciting that you'll be home soon, girl!!! Hang in there with the Christmas holiday sans family - stay positive!!

Lauren said...

this is so cool! i love your outfit and i love your new header too! :) haha i'm really happy that you'll be home and be able to have your kitchen back soon!

lighterportions said...

Aww so great to hear an update from you! The pictures are awesome, you look gorgeous!

I'm sorry to hear you won't get to spend Christmas with the loved ones but it sounds like you have a pretty good crew of people to share the time with. And volunteering Christmas eve sounds like an excellent idea.

Have a WONDERFUL Christmas and holiday season and return time home too once it arrives. So close!

healthy ashley said...

Everything you're doing is so cool! Good luck with the last few days.. and Merry Christmas!

Savvy Wife said...

I hope your Christmas experience is wonderful--how many times in your life will you get to spend the whole day giving back? Congrats on being back to your kicthen soon. I don't know how you lived without Whole Foods--but being a Rockette is definitely worth it! ;)

havecakewilltravel.com said...

gorgeous, but yes: your body must be in immense pain. I raise my cuppa to lots of rest, asap. happy holidays!

Becca said...

I'm sorry you won't be with your fam or bf on Christmas, but it is so admirable what you and your fellow Rockettes will be doing.

Bianca said...

My friend Sheridan saw your show in Little Rock! She said it was awesome and she tried to look for you but she was really far away.

ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

Beautiful, as usual! Merry Christmas!!!

River said...

You are so freakin' gorgeous!! And you have such a beautiful family and fun friends! I love their funny hats!

I saw on your newest post that you're only one city away from being home! YAY!!

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