Thursday, October 16, 2008


First I want to start off with saying I'm sorry for the LACK of pictures. I still kind of feel weird bringing out my camera and taking pictures of the food I eat with my new Radio City friends! I know its stupid.. they all know I'm vegan... but still.

So since we spend so much time at rehearsal (we're at the arena from 1-10:30pm... tech rehearsal for all of you theatre kids out there) We get catering! We actually have catering that travels with us on tour so that we are provided breakfast lunch and dinner every day!!! WOHOO!!!! Well our caterer... IS AMAZINGGGGGG. They said that they would provide vegan options for me, but I wasn't sure how "VEGAN" they would be. (For a non vegan... vegetables doused in butter sometimes qualify!) Well when I walked into the room yesterday for our first day of catering there were salads, fruits, and a vegan pastry topped with apricot and mango chutney!! YUMMM... also there were stuffed tomatoes with whole grain rice and cous cous and such.... SO GOOD!!!!!!!!!!! well I have to go to rehearsal right now 


Lauren said...

lucky you!! thats so awesome they're able to help out your vegan needs and such :) nothing better than a vegan pastryy! haha

VeggieGirl said...

No worries about no photos - at least you're still posting about your adventures!! :0)

SOOOO wonderful about the catering - enjoy!! And continue enjoying your rehearsals, fellow dance enthusiast!! :0)

Green Eyes, Green Heart said...

Tech rehearsals...oy. I know them too well!
But at least you have some AWESOME people around you, providing yummy things!!

Rural Vegan said...

That is fabulous, enjoy the catering!

Alice (in Veganland) said...

It's great that they try to accommodate your vegan needs! You lucky! because with that schedule you don't have many choices...

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