Friday, May 16, 2008


NOW I KNOW A LOT OF MY POSTS HAVE BEEN ABOUT GRADUATING.. but today I finally walked across that stage as a graduate of college!!!!

It really wasnt anything so wonderful. I go to a rather sm

all school so it only lasted 2 hours... thank god. Our Valedictorian presented a beautiful speech, and our guest speakers were actually rather inspiring.

(best friend Cristy, and  Me)

I have lots more pictures that my dad to
ok. Ill post them later.

After the long car ride home, Mom, Dad, Anthony and I went out to a really nice dinner. We went to a cute little restaurant out
 in Stony Brook called the Village In.

To my horror the menu was filled with STEAK, PORK, FISH, CHICKEN... AND NO VEGETERIAN OPTIONS!!! (let alone vegan!) I asked our waitress what they could come up with and the managed to bring this out. Just steamed veggies (with garlic I think) with wild rice and red mashed potatoes. It was actually really light and delish!

So now that im a big shot college graduate, and I have all this time on my hands, IM FREAKING OUT! I know I know, everyone says that everything will work out, that I will find my way.. and I will.. but none the less it is a scary time. Although I do have a job for the summer (I'll be heading to upstate new york to be in a wonderful production of the Producers) and then (hopefully, if God is on my side) I will go back to the Rockettes... but right now, I feel like im just floating... 

AAAHHH!!! Growing up is scary!!!!!

Tomorrow My friend Cristy (Picture above) is having some people over. For the first time ever I am going to make something vegan and yummy for my friends! ANY IDEAS?????


VeggieGirl said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Such a lovely graduation photograph!!

It's normal to be scared, but it WILL all work out - just give it all some time; and in the meantime, enjoy no more school! :0)

As for what vegan dish to make/bring: can't go wrong with a pasta dish or casserole, or desserts :0)

Anonymous said...

Congrats! You look stunning!! =)

If you want to cook for your friends, make something SUPER, like cupcakes, or a super decadent cake, or anything that's super tasty. Hit 'em with something awesome. =)

Anonymous said...

Congrats on Graduating!!!
I feel the same way about graduating high school. Your very talented and i'm sure you'll find work easily. What are you gonna be in The Producers? It's such a great show and it was the first broadway play I ever saw.

Also as for the vegan dish I know veganomicon has alot of pasta dishes and salads that have been approved by my friends/family. If not then you can't go wrong with anything that involves chocolate :)

b-rock said...

ps you totally need to buy the real food daily cookbook. it's my favorite vegan/vegetarian restaurant in LA and they have amazing recipes.

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