Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Sorry i havent posted in a couple of days... things have bee crazy with show case.. but ITS TOMORROW AND I CANT WAIT!

Rockette auditions were great. I think i did really well.. hopefully they want me back!
I also had my first day today doing the tours at Radio City. There is this thing where they give tours of the entire theatre, give a bunch of history and then you get to meet a Rockette... and guess who todays groups saw.. you guessed it.. ME! it was really fun actually! I had to do a whole schpele (is that a word?) on the history of the Rockettes and my own personal experience.. and then I had to answer questions.. do some kicks and take some pictures. But all in all its a great job for the off season!

As for food. today was boring...

Kamut cereal in the am
Left over Paella... which everyone should make
and a salad for dinner

Ive been so on the run that i really have no time to cook... I'm really looking forward to BAKING THIS WEEKEND!

I was searching the blog world and discovered so many great recipes for yummy vegan deserts... I also promised mister egg/milk eating boyfriend that I would make him some non-vegan goodies :) Im such a good girlfriend!

I'll post tomorrow when I have more time and have actually eaten something fun and vegan!!!



Anonymous said...

hiii! i told you im obsessed. today i went to trader joe's in merrick and for like 50 bucks i got a whole bunch of stuff! i bought vegan cheese which im kind of nervous about, but i got that rice milk you told me about and veggie burgers and amys burrito things. im excited! i havent really had time to sit down and cook anything yet, but im a loser and i copy all your recipies! hehe =) --- meg c.!

Vegetation said...

Good to hear you did well with the audition :)

No I haven't got a replacement for silken tofu. Sometimes I'll google for another recipe that's similar but doesn't use the tofu, if it's for baking, sometimes rice milk thickened with cornstarch works, otherwise I just give up on the idea of whatever it is (like smlove pie from Veganomicon, sob).

I had someone suggest once I whizz warm water and cashews in the blender with some agar (or you could try warmed rice milk with agar)until it got sort of sticky, but I don't think that would work in a cheesecake or anything like that, maybe in baked goods? I haven't tried it though.

Harold said...

I want you to come in to my restaurant Candle 79! It is the number 1 Vegetarian restaurant in NYC!...I think you would fall in love!

Anonymous said...


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