Tuesday, May 20, 2008

its part of life...

I have been realizing more and more that Death is a part of life. It doesnt make it any easier, but it does make me rationalize things. Theres nothing we can do to stop it. Theres nothing we can do if its just our time. All we can do is live life to the fullest, enjoy each day, and keep a positive attitude with a smile on our faces. 
Ya just gotta LIVE....and LOVE to LIVE

On that note, my dog Simba, who is a 14 year old Collie isnt doing too well. He's got cataracts, bad hips, Diabetes, he cant bark, cant hear, and hes got bad arthritis :( The only thing keeping him going is the glucosamine and baby asprin my mom gives him (not to mention all he eats is Steak! I kid you not, we buy our dogs london broil...hey theyre animals.. theyre allowed to eat meat). We dont want to put him down... its too hard for us... so while he is here, we are trying to make him feel as comfortable as we can.


Today my SECOND vegan cook book arrived!!!!! VEGANOMICON! It is AMAZING! and a little overwhelming... if you dont own this book.. YOU NEED TO! It not only has ridiculous recipes, but it also has techniques for cooking any and every grain, and veggie...in so many different ways... its a must have for vegans, vegetarians, and omni's alike.... so go and buy it now!!!

I havent been much of a mood to cook lately... tonight was a simple flax wrap pizza and a salad with roasted pumpkin seeds....it was good but not post worthy (i already posted flax wrap pizzas :) )

tomorrow I have an interview with a casting director! Im excited, but dont really know what to expect.... hmmmm lets hope something good comes from it!

thats all folks :)


Anonymous said...

Aww i'm so sorry to hear about Simba :( . Glad to hear you got V'con it's such a great cookbook! Good luck with your interview!

VeggieGirl said...

My 10-year-old dog, Kiwi (she's a Shetland Sheepdog, which is a miniature collie) isn't doing that great either, so I know exactly what you're going through - we need to remain strong through this!!

On a brighter note, hooray for Veganomicon!! Great cookbook, for sure.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry about Simba! My baby boy fido has lots of issues too, he got hit by a car about 7 years ago and since then he hasn't fully recovered. He now has arthritis and drags one of his paws so it bleeds. It's horrible to watch. It's so sad to see dogs go. My brother put down his dog today, and it's just heart wrenching. Hold tight.

After all that sadness, there is joy however! Enjoy your V'Con! Cant wait to hear what you make from it. =)

ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

It's so true-- you have to enjoy life while you can!

Eat cake, have fun, etc.

I really wish dogs' life spans were longer. My doggie is getting up there in years too :o(

Rural Vegan said...

I'm sorry to hear about Simba. It's terribly difficult to watch them age, but I hope you're comforted with 14 years of wonderful memories.

Bianca said...

Sorry to hear about your dog! My 20-something year old cat, Patches, who lives at my parents' house is the same way...she's got arthritis so bad, she can barely walk....makes me sad.

But congrats on the Nomicon! Best book ever!

Anonymous said...

All the best for Simba, sorry to hear that :(

But on the a happier note, best of luck for the interview!

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