Friday, May 9, 2008


So Lately, I feel like everyone has been asking me "Why have you gone so extreme?" "What do you eat?" "WHY VEGAN!?"

Well here is the story of my process, and WHY I decided to become vegan.

Growing up as a little kid, I always ate red meat, lots of dairy, and eggs etc etc. Once I turned around 10 years old I decided that I no longer wanted to eat red meat. For some reason it grossed me out (not to mention that I was a HUGE fan of the movie "Babe" Influential? perhaps :) )
I Never really liked to eat fish either, so it was only turkey and chicken for me.

When I was young, I could eat virtually anything I wanted. I had a fast metabolism, and a little body. As I went through that magical thing called Puberty, I slowly but surly realized that I could no longer eat 3 pieces of pizza, that cookies would make me that much bigger, and that although french fries were made from potatoes, they were far from healthy!

I began to investigate healthy options that would benefit my dancer body, and prevent me from gaining weight. I learned how to happily eat healthy and nutritious foods without feeling hungry!

Once I started college, I was constantly battling with my weight. Im sure the constant cafeteria food and nights full of kegs, funneling and way too much beer and wine didnt help my waist line. But after gaining about 10 lbs I decided THIS WAS ENOUGH! I decided to change my lifestyle. By my junior year I decided to try and cut out meat all together and become vegeterian. It lasted for a while but then unfortunatly I fell off of  it due to a number of influences.

About 6 months ago, I read a book... its called "Skinny Bitch". I hate to admit this, but I think that this book and its information scared me into becoming extremely healthy and VEGAN!
(I encourage everyone to read it... its funny and fast, and will help you become interested in investigating the topic) Over the past 6 months, I have been vegan, been losing weight, and been happier and healthier than I have been in a really long time.

What I Do NOT eat:
(No animal products)
Artificial sweeteners
White flour 
Soy (allergy)
Nuts (Allergy)

What DO I eat:
Whole Grains
Dried Fruit
Rice Milk
Rice Cheese

I have taken the step into cleansing my body and plan on keeping this LIFESTYLE.


Anonymous said...

Always happy to see another vegan!! And I'm glad to see you don't eat soy either. So many vegans depend on it as a source of protein, but it's really not what defines vegan protein!! =) Good luck, can't wait to see all the awesome yummies you make.

Cristiana said...

well well well, it seems that you have decided to leave out the all too important note that your absolutely gorgeous friend cristiana shields urged you to read "skinny bitch" one very late nite when you stayed over her fabulously amazing apartment.

you're welcome!!!!!!!!!! haha xox

Mariana said...

Goodness I love how attentive you are. A fan of the movie "Babe" contributing to your lack of desire to eat red meat?

Pork is white meat darlin'.

Just thought I'd be annoying however I can! :D


P.S. I found your blog.

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