Sunday, May 11, 2008

Me singing at my showcase :)

Heres a clip from My senior Show Case... Im first... then followed by Brooke and Tony...Enjoy :)

For mothers day tonight, Mom and I made a DELICIOUS soup with a spinach salad! I also made what I like to call Choc-Co-Banana Fudge! (Chocolate, coconut, and banana!) Ill post everything alter (im at the boyfriends house right now and I dont have the exact recipes in front of me!)


VeggieGirl said...

wow, your voice is lovely!

oooh, that fudge that you made sounds heavenly - can't wait to read about it in a later post!

by the way, I commented on your Mother's Day post - I meant to comment on this most recent one first, haha :0)

Monika K said...

Nice to meet you, Syn! I enjoyed your post about why you became vegan - improving your health is a great reason to avoid animal products. Keep up the great posts!

b-rock said...

yes, let's definitely get together soon. we need to keep in touch as our lives get even crazier and more exciting!!!!

xoxo, brooke

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