Thursday, May 1, 2008

Thank god today is OVER!!!
Which means my week is pretty my OVER!!!
Nothing interesting about today...I went to Strasberg acting classes this morning...during our break i ate an apple... apples arent especially exciting.. i mean im sure you all know what they look like... but this one was YELLOW so i had to take a picture!

After my FOUR HOUR class..(yes thats right one class is four hours...!) I had to rush to class... but I was HUNGRY AGAIN!!! I have been spending way too much money on food lately (you can tell by all of the pictures of restaurant bought food) so I decided to keep it cheap...and I was craving MEXICAN... so what better than an Amys Organic Vegan Burrito!  I had it with some Guacamole! And i put some corn and black beans in the guac to make it chunky...AMAZINGGGGGGGGG.. 

I LOVED IT!!!!! this will defiantly be a frequent lunch... and it was only 3 dollars! find a microwave and VUALA!

Today was my VERY LAST THURSDAY CLASS EVER! I have mixed feelings about it.. its my "Senior Show case" class and I really like the people. but HONESTLY IM OVER SCHOOL! Show case is on wednesday and thursday! Im excited! Hopefully something good comes out of it!

After class I met with an old friends from my last college. I hadnt seen him in two years! We decided to grab a bite and where did we stumble into... GOOD BURGER... DUN DUN DUN
NOTE TO SELF--def not the best healthy option! BUT DEF DELICIOUS!
I had the Veggie Burger with "the works" (pickle, tomato, lettuce, onion) 

Me and my friends are obsessed with LOST... if your not.. you probably should be... tonight during lost i decided I wanted something sweet... so I chose this! ---------------->

So since I dont have anything exciting to say I will now try to persuade you to stop drinking soda!

GIVE UP SODA! (Drink Seltzer with fresh fruit instead!)

So today as I sat on the train ride home, I was thinking of some fun and fast/easy recipes to post...heres one of my favorite

Sweet And Salty Spring Rolls
--1 Sheet of Roasted Sea Weed (you can buy it in any asian market.. they're big flat sheets and come in packages)
--1 Spring roll wrap (also bought at the asian market...they're like a dollar!)
--Sprouts (broccoli or brussel)
--Shredded lettuice
--Shredded Carrots
--Sliced raw beets (thin)
--Shredded cucumber (or cut in REALLY thin sliced length wise)

Soak the Spring roll wrap until its able to be manipulated without breaking
Place the seaweed sheet on top
Add all of your veges (you can layer them if you want)
roll up the wrap (it might help to pinch the wrap on either side to close it if you need to take it to go)
- and now you've got sweet (because of the carrots) and salty (because of the salted sea weed) spring rolls!
--I like to take these with me on the go because they're fast and easy and you dont necessarily need a sauce! (although sometimes i like it with soy sauce...i suggest mixing your soy sauce with a little water to dilute the intense salt flavor)
NOTE: Asian markets are great places to get all sorts of veges and fruits along with lots of great noodles and asian sauces! If you dont know of one around you I Suggest you find one! (im bias becuase my boyfriend is half korean (the other half italian and polish! <3>



PRgirl1 said...

Syn...Add calorie count and i will LOVE!!!!

Campisi said...

i wish I knew the calorie counts.. but its mostly vegetables and very very low (if any fat) so i know our bodies break them down easily and naturaly

ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

haha your commentary is so much fun to read. I love those Amy’s burritos too. And yay for Polish/Italian genes :o). I’m part Polish and Italian too (and I’ve spent 1/3 of my life in Asia, so I might as well be part Asian too!). I’m sorry to say that I’ve never seen Lost… but so many people are obsessed with it that I might just have to break down and start watching.

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