Monday, June 16, 2008


Well since my camera is still SUCKING hardcore... I decided to do this:

Happy Herbivore  posted a "favorites" survey and I want to take it! SO I WILL! hehehe 

1) Favorite Fruit
MANGO! Anything Mango... smoothies, fresh cut, dried...We always have a fresh mango in my house :)

2) Favorite Vegetable
I really love every vegetable... I've never met a vegetable that I didnt like!!! So Im going to have to give this award to three... Portobello mushrooms, Broccoli (Steamed, or sauteed... not so much raw) Avocado! 

3) Least Favorite Vegetable
As I said.. I really do like vegetables... But I think my LEAST favorite (as of lately) is egg plant! I know I know... i just dont like the ways that I make it.. I like it better when I get it in a restaurant I think.

4) Favorite bean
BLACK BEAN!!! Others are tricky because Im allergic to lots of legumes

5) Favorite Spice
Basil and Rosemary

6) Favorite Grain
Good ol' Brown Rice I think...I really like lots of grains, but I eat brown rice almost every day

7) Spice you use most often
Salt and pepper probably... but I use lots of basil

8) Tofu, Seitan, Tempeh?
SEITAN!!!! Tempeh and Tofu makes me allergic :(

9) Favorite Condiment
KATSUP!!!!! I can eat it on anything and everythinggggggggg (its kind of sick actually)

10) Favorite Meal
This is sooo hard because I love so much.. but honestly.. theres nothing like a HUGE salad with every one of my favorite vegetables, beans, with lots of seeds and maybe some fruit in there :)

WELL I dare you all to go on and answer those questions!!!!

Well for dinner I had Stir fry Terriaki vegetables (broccoli, onion, portobello Mushrooms and yellow squash) with brown rice.

I have no picture because the stupid camera!!! UGHHHH

I also took a kick ass dance class today... ah I love love love it!!!!

Thats all for now :)


VeggieGirl said...

Fun survey!! I'm with you on #1, 2, and 3 :0)

LK said...

Love most all veggies too! Avocado is soo good!

Just wanted to say that avocado and eggplant are technically a fruit (along with tomatoes, squash, among others) because a fruit is something that comes from the flower of a plant. FYI :)

veganforone said...

Eggplant is awesome! Have you tried brushing slices of it with olive oil and BBQing it or grilling on a grill pan (or even just in a cast iron skillet). It becomes sooo soft, absorbs the oil and with a pinch of salt is PERFECT.

Ooh, and did you know that ketchup is chinese?! I learned that yesterday, I was shocked!

healthyceliac said...

I love the survey. I may have to take it myself!
I've never been a big eggplant eater, either, but I've been determined to give it a try more often. Perhaps we can get over our eggplant dislike together!

Eric said...

I'm finally gonna try making a black bean burger with my new food processor. Can't wait!

Mmmmm sweet potato good :)

ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

Haha I love ketchup so much I've even been known to eat it on pasta before :o).

I love these survey things. They're so much fun.

Bianca said...

I think I agree with you about eggplant. I mean, I love eggplant, but I probably love it the least. I hate the skin. So I don't cook it as much because removing the skin makes it not as attractive.

Black beans are my favorite too! But then again, maybe I like white beans the best. I'm torn. Favorite surveys are hard for me.

Rural Vegan said...

I totally agree with you about both avocados and eggplant! You're allergic to tofu and tempeh? You poor thing!

lighterportions said...

Surveys are awesome haha.
As are mangos. And veggies in general. I kind of agree with you about eggplant! I do like it, but I'm just not savvy enough about good ways to prep it so I often don't even bother getting it unless I find a really good sounding recipe that needs it.

vegannurse said...

Hey luck gal.. ready for another questionnare?

You've been tagged! Check out my blog for further details!


mealsfromthegirlinthelittleblackdress said...

Great survey! Also as a former ballet dancer, i am very interested in your healthy relationship with food. Is it tough being a Rockette?

So happy you had a great class- what a wonderful feeling!

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