Thursday, July 10, 2008


Well today was our first day of rehearsal!

It was really fun but really exhausting. I have a LOT of music to learn tonight before staging it all tomorrow. The cast is really nice and everyone is super talented!

So i actually had a really great food day!
I havent taken any pictures yet... im not sure if my new room mates would think its totally weird that im taking pictures of all of my food! (i will but not just yet)
I broke it to a couple of people that im vegan and the usual response is "Wow I could never do that"... the funny thing is that I never thought that I could do it and here I am.. about 6 months later.. happier and healthier than ever (I will admit I have strayed a couple of times... with dairy.. But I really try hard not to and I do consider myself a dedicated vegan)

So although there are no pictures, I will tell you a little about my intake today.

Im not sure where everyone is from (obviously) but there is a HUGE Wegmans across the street from where we are living. Wegmans is just like Whole Foods....BUT BETTER! Its got everything and is REALLY cheap.. i couldnt believe how little my bill was after all of the wholesome foods I bought (I know that you all know how expensive a healthy lifestyle can be!)

So for lunch I had a small salad with a grilled portobello mushroom and grilled eggplant, artichoke salad, and no dressing! The juices from all of the veggies was MORE than enough. I also had a small side of tabouli. YUMM YUMMM

For  a snack I had some dried fruit and pistachios... Now ON PISTACHIOS.. im really sad because I had NO idea how many calories were in them... apparently in a cup there are around 700!!!! (thats what my mom said so take that with a grain of salt)

Dinner was a huge salad with rasberries, mushrooms, avocado, rice cheese, cherry tomatoes, cucumber and pumpkin seeds with a bowl of butternut squash soup!!!

I've been snacking on blueberries all night and i think i might turn into one!!!

Well I've only been gone one day and I already miss home. Im definitely a home body and i am super close with my friends and family (and i miss anthony :( ) but i realize this is my career and I have to do what i have to do! so on that note!!!



Vegetation said...

Eek! I'd gotten a couple of days behind on my blogging and look at all the stuff I've missed out on! Yay for you! And supercute pictures of you and Anthony in your last post. You're both adorable!

Lol on the photos. I made muffins today and the kids wanted them and I told them they couldn't have one until I'd photographed them. My Mum was here and told them they wouldn't have to wait for her to take photos of food when they visited, hehe.

VeggieGirl said...

Hang in there with the homesickness - it'll get better, I promise!! Especially since you seem to be having a blast :0)

Eric said...

Its ok to stray once in a while...I think we all have moments of weakness from time to time. Its what makes us human :)

ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

Being vegan is not about being perfect! Perfect people are so boring ;o).

And I am so super-jealous you live near a Wegmans. They don't have those in Texas, but every time I go to the Northeast, I want to spend a whole day perusing Wegmans!

Rural Vegan said...

Congrats on your first day of rehearsal! That's great that you have a Wegmans nearby too. Bummer about the calories in pistachios though! I have to Google that because if it's true, I may cry!

mealsfromthegirlinthelittleblackdress said...

Man, Wegmans is the BEST! Hope you are making lots of phone calls to help with the homsickness. I agree with Vegetation, you guys are adorable!

ashley said...

I haven't said this yet since your news, but CONGRATULATIONS!! Wow!

addicted2pb said...

Hey... on the pistachios, 1 cup of them without shells is a little under 700 calories, which compared to nuts like almonds and walnuts is lower-calorie!

Bianca said...

Awesome! Little Rock it is! I'll bring my best friend...she's a theater person too. She's acting in Little Rock's reparatory theater. She just finished a theater instructor stint at our old college. I know she'd love to go see your show with me! Yea! I'm excited!

Vegan_Noodle said...

Good to hear the first rehearsal went well. Must be very tiring. I hope you're having tons of fun!

acookinthemaking said...

Oh I LOVE Wegmans. Period. They have EVERYthing! And even though they're not vegan, I love to look at their beautiful baked goods! :)

Good luck with your rehearsals!

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