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So I am attending a party this weekend.. (A surprise... I dont think she reads my blog but just incase I will keep it a secret!)

And I have been chosen to bring a vegan dish to the Pot luck!!! I'm pretty super pumped... Ive never made anything for multiple people...and I want to bring something amazing... I also want to make a dessert (As well). Im not sure how many people will be there... but I'm assuming maybe 15/20???


I need some suggestions!!! (NUT FREE OF COURSE)

((On a side note...I made an amazing Trader Joe's/ Whole Foods Run with the boy this weekend. I will post pictures later (Im sitting at his house.. on his computer.. while he plays video games... oh well. boys will be boys!) I got so many NEW fruits and veggies (Many fruits ive never even tried! HORRAY!



VeggieGirl said...

Can't go wrong with a big pan of brownies/blondies!!!!

Can't wait to see the goodies from your Trader Joe's/Whole Foods run!! :-)

ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

Cookies! Maybe chocolate chip? Go with somthing everyone likes, not something "strange" like anything with tofu lol. People can be so closed-minded.

I'm excited to see what you make!

Gina said...

Oooh, these cookies from PPK are fantastic, especially if you make the dried cherry substitution:

As for the dunno. I usually bring stuffed mushrooms to stuff like that, what kind of dish you want to bring? Side or entree?

Becca said...

I agree with blondies/brownies/ can't go wrong with those!

Answering your question about the Garmin...I think I do like it (especially the more I figure out) but I think it might depend on what ou want to use it for. Its pretty expensive because it has GPS so if you don't need that (I know you were using a treadmil before) than I'd get something with just the features you need. I'm not even sure if I need the GPS but it was a gift

River said...

Oh how fun! Cupcakes? Half chocolate and half vanilla? Everybody likes cupcakes... right?

I agree with VeggieGirl and CCV too, brownies and cookies are things pretty much everybody would love!

YAY for trying new fruits and veggies!

Catherine said...

The vegan chocolate cake recipe from Moosewood is really easy and really amazing! It uses simple pantry staples, too. You could make a simple icing from powdered sugar and rice milk, and maybe make cupcakes? (I know chocolate chips, vegan margarine, etc. are out of the question due to soy, right??)

Food . . . let's seee . . . a big pot of delicious chili?? Do you have a crock pot? That would make it easy to transport!

If not . . . vegetarian sushi? A baked pasta dish? Mini-falafel appetizers?

Katy said...

The brownies from Vive le Vegan are hte best I've ever had (, and cupcakes from VCTOTW are always a hit. Dreena's Homestyle chocolate chip cookies are the best I've ever had and always loved by everyone.

As for a savory dish, I went to a party last weekend and took spring rolls that I filled with baked teryaki tofu, bean sprouts, cilantro, sweet chili thai sauce (with extra for dipping), and carrots. Everyone LOVED them, and you would never know there was tofu in there because of all the veggies, but you could easily leave it out and add avocado instead.

Ruby Red Vegan said...

I'm with VeggieGirl -- do some blondies! Chocolate chip ones! The way I think of it, it's kinda like a cookie cake, kinda like brownies, and kinda like choc chip cookies!

Nicole said...

Lol I have to decide on baked goods for this weekend too. I got a request for snickerdoodles (they don't know they're getting vegan ones) and I'm thinking chocolate caramel matzoh since it looked fancy.

What about kind of a vegan pizza flatbread? You could mix a bunch of toppings and cut it to appetizer size pieces.

I'd already read watchmen before I saw it so I followed it ok but I did think during a few parts if people who hadn't could follow it. I saw it at the imax in deerpark though, the sound was insane.

tahinitoo said...

I made pizza croissants for a potluck once and everybody loved them. You don't necessarily need to add soy cheese (since you are allergic, right?), but lots of yummy veggies, sauce, and some fresh herbs. When I made mine, I basically made a batch of pizza dough, cut it into triangles, put the filling on each triangle, and rolled them up like croissants. I sprinkled sesame and poppy seeds on top, and baked them on a pizza stone. They were really fun to make and eat! I think I may have added some seasoned tempeh too, but you could always use some form of seitan or TVP.

For dessert, I think blondies are a great suggestion, as mentioned above! I am also a big fan of cupcakes or cookies.

Have fun!

talieworld said...

I totally agree with everyones cupcake/cookie suggestion.

You can never go wrong with salads either, or pasta, I love v'cons penne vodca.

ChickPea said...

I have to say that whenever I am cooking for people, a vegan chili is almost no-fail. Season it as you like and according to what you have on hand! The perfectly flexible recipe:)

Vegetation said...

I vote cupcakes! EVERYONE loves cupcakes! (and if they don't, they should :P)

Veganissexy said...

Ok, my favorite pot luck dish:
I made this for Thanksgiving and it was such a huge hit!
Dessert, I would make my absolute favorite chocolate peanut butter pie. I'll send you the recipe. I've made it for every event and it is always gone!!!!

Bianca said...

Well, first thought was the Smlove Pie from VCon (but it's got peanut butter and're allergic to tofu too, right?).

CCV's right about cookies. You can't go wrong with chocolate chip cookies.

kristen :) said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog! That's so cool you have friends here dancing, what shows are they with? I think I have to get a subscription to I've heard that's how you find out about them? Good luck with your party! That will be fun :) I don't have any tried and true vegan recipes, but can't wait to see what you make!


Zucchini Breath said...

I made an enchilada pie for an omni potluck. It went over pretty well. It got eaten, any way.
Desserts are NOT my forte, but I'm sure you will find some.

Most of all, I hope you have a really good time at the party!

lazysmurf said...

I just recently tried this recipe for triple chocolate brownies from Get It Ripe, they were psychotically good.

my go to potluck dish is the black bean, quinoa, mango, cilantro salad from the veganomicon. It is really yummy.

sarahmegee said...

How tall are you? I'm 5'9" and can feel like a giant sometimes in the studio! I guess if you're a Rockette then you have to be hat? Between 5'7 and 5'11?
Thanks so much for visiting my blog!
p.s.- Jodi Piclout is my FAV!

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