Saturday, May 24, 2008

like a KID in a CANDY shop!

So I have a Love Bird... and he thinks he's a dog. It's actually really funny. He walks around on the floor and tries to instigate to my dog!!! hahaha... heres a picture of him next to my boyfriends foot..

hahah hes so cute :)
..(buddy my bird.... not anthony's feet)

SO On my way home from the train station today, I realized... I HAVE NO VEGETABLES!!!! Haha luckily... there is a wonderful wholesome food market near the station called Fairway.
Its sort of like whole foods...ITS SO GREAT!!
Among the assorted vegetables and fruits I got, The more exciting purchases included Butternut Squash, Crunchy Sprouts, Bistro Burgers (thanks Katie!!!) Edamame, and Ricera Yoghurt, and Blue Corn Taco Shells!
So when I was cruising the BLOG world... I came accross Vegan Nurse's Blog:)
She posted some wonderful looking Mexican food... and HOW CONVENIENT... I HAD TACO SHELLS!!!!

A brilliant (well to me) idea came to my head... USE THE 
BISTRO BURGER, Chop it up, and use it as "meat" here are my ingredients! (Rice cheese, Taco shell, AMY's bistro burger, Avocado, Salsa, tomato) I had all intentions of adding sprouts to it...but THERE WAS NO ROOM LEFT IN THE TACO SHELL!!!

AND here is the finished product!!
I also opened the fridge to find some sliced Watermelon and blueberries :)!!!!

OH! I almost forgot!

 Yesterday I whipped myself up a beautiful smoothy. It had Frozen Peaches, and Frozen Berries... sweetened with a little Agave Nectar.. I also added some Rice Milk!! I 
love smoothies.. they're so light and refreshing... but surprisingly efficient in holding me off until dinner time!

Ok well.. its almost beach season and i cannot wait!! (random i know but I cant wait!)

OK TIME FOR A SHOWER... I'm going out tonight :)


VeggieGirl said...

Aww, your bird is so precious!! :0)

Mmm, what a refreshing smoothie!! Yum!!

talieworld said...

aww buddy is so cute! He reminds me of a parakeet i had...
my mom ended up being the one taking care of him and she didn't want to anymore so she goes "I'm sick of taking care of your bird he will be happier if i set him free" i tell her its fine, not taking her seriously. Then 20 minutes later i realize my birds not in his cage and i asked my mom where he is and she saids "in the sky"!!!

it was sad but its soo funny now! Sorry for the long story but i just had to share it haha

Liz² said...

mmm, I'm obsessed with mexican food, and that taco looks so ultimate! and your boyfriend has really pretty feet, and your bird is so cute! I had a lovebird a long time ago, named Sappho. ^_^

Ruby Red Vegan said...

whoa, that taco is stuffed! my mexican obsession is mango salsa. i had some for lunch today and now i can't stop thinking about mexican food - and your taco meals looks absolutely yummyful!

how funny about the birdy - so little but he thinks he's a dog! awww, that's too cute for words!

about the vegan with a vengeance seitan: i love the smell! i have only had seitan in restaurants before, so the smell was kinda nostalgic once i made the seitan myself. i do wish my seitan had come out less dense, but i'm thinking maybe i should have kneaded it more after i let the dough rest... there are so many factors in seitan-making that could go wrong so i'm going to keep playing with it to improve my technique...

Kimberly said...

I love Fairway SO MUCH! I could spend hours in the produce section alone. And it's such a great place for discovering new brands and products, since their selection is much more extensive than most.

And your bird is adorable!

veganforone said...

What a cute bird!!

Mmm... I could go for a taco right about now!

Alice (in Veganland) said...

Thanks to Jennifer I now love Mexican food and can't get enough! I think I'll start making smoothies soon! (when I finally buy a blender...)

Mihl said...

Thank you for your nice comment on my blog! Your bird looks so cute!
After having a look at your taco, I think I should have some Mexican food today :)

Ruby Red Vegan said...

Yay for banana coffee cake! If you haven't made it already, my only regret is that I could have cooked it a little longer to allow it to firm up more. Happy baking!

lighterportions said...

Heheh your bird is adorable!
That taco looks super tasty as well, now I feel for some mexican food! I might have to do something mexican-inspired for dinner now!

ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

The picture of your bird makes me miss my bird like crazy! I used to have a quaker parrot, but he was old when we adopted him, so he was only with us for 6 years. But Buddy is adorable! Haha, I bet your bf's feet are adorable too (that made me laugh)

Yay bistro burgers! Ooh and now I want a smoothie. Must go make one...

Bianca said...

Your bird is adorable!!! I'd like to have a bird, but my 4 cats would totally eat it. And my dog would torture it.

That smoothies looks so delicious! It's got me craving fruit!

vegannurse said...

Your bird is so adorable! That's so cute that he acts like a dog, how fun, hehe!

Mmm, what yummy Mexican eats!! I'm glad I was able to inspire such a delicious meal! :)

I love smoothies and yours just looks so good.. I want a smoothie now!


Ricki said...

Hi Synthia,
Thanks so much for your comment on my blog! I love gardens, too--just have never been able to grow one :)

Oh, and I loved your story about eating at the steak house! Sounds like me and my Honey.

Rural Vegan said...

Buddy is adorable!

I have the same exact problem with taco shells - always too many fillings! Of course, when they spill all over and the shell breaks, it just becomes a taco salad!

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