Saturday, October 11, 2008

Early morning post... and a confession :(

Well.. I've been living in Mystic CT for the past month rehearsing and all of that fun stuff.

Have any of you ever heard of the movie "Mystic Pizza"??? It's Julia Roberts first movie. Well that movie originated at a pizza place here! Last night for dinner we went out to the famous Mystic Pizza to taste a "Slice of Heaven". I LOVE pizza... and i miss eating pizza with cheese on it... so when i ordered I "Forgot" To say "NO CHEESE". When my pizza came, the gooey cheezey goodness was screaming "EAT ME!" and... I did. I felt so bad about it afterwards. I do believe in veganism and I want to hold fast to my morals and values. After eating this pizza I did get a tummy ache and decided thats enough cheese for me... but I felt bad about eating it... but I guess we all cant be perfect huh.

In other news, today is my last day in Mystic CT!!! IM very excited about it. I like it here just fine but im excited to go on to the next stage of my touring experience.. next stop... HERSHEY PENNSYLVANIA!  Were going to be rehearsing in an arena to get the feel of what the entire tour will be like.. and iM PUMPED!!! Anthony is also coming today to visit me... I haven't seen him in a MONTH so im really excited!!!!!

HORRAY FOR GOOD DAYS (and glad the bad tummy ache is over!)



VeggieGirl said...

I LOVE the movie 'Mystic Pizza'!!

Hooray for GOOD days, indeed - chin up, girl!! It's over, you've thought about it; now just move on and keep living your life fabulously and confidently :0)

Catherine said...

I'm sooooo jealous you got to eat at Mystic Pizza!

AND, my two cents: you are in charge of your diet and lifestyle. If you eat cheese every once in a blue moon, so there! You ate cheese. (It's not like you went to McDonald's!!) I'm glad you enjoyed it, but sorry you felt a little icky!

Have fun in Hershey, and with Anthony!

ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

Plllleeaase don't feel bad! Veganism is about compassion, not about being "perfect". You are AWESOME even just for doing ANYTHING to stand up for animals, because so many people just turn a blind eye and pretend staughterhouses don't exist.

So please don't worry about it! You rock! (I bet the vegan police would call me a bad vegan sometimes too, because I'm not so strict with honey...)

Anonymous said... went to Mystic Pizza!! When I was a kid on Long Island, I used to look longingly at Conn.(we lived right near the Sound), and think about it life there was just like the movie. I was convinced it was, even though everyone told me I was wrong!
And, don't worry about eating cheese. Like Veggiegirl and CCV said, you've thought about it, and it's all about recognizing your mistakes and learning about and from them. You're doing such an awesome thing for animals AND yourself AND the world...that's pretty awesome, if you ask me!

Have a great time in Hershey! I have gone on many a childhood trip there...good times!

Eric said...

What matters is that you understand the effects of your choices. Being vegan isn't about being perfect, its about being conscious of your choices!

When I was in Seattle this week for work, I had a similar experience....sometimes, cheese happens!

Bianca said...

Don't sweat the cheese. We've all been there! Last year, I went this nice Indian lady's house for something work-related. And to my surprise, she'd prepared a full dinner for me (I was just there to shoot pics for a newspaper story).

It was vegetarian (thank god) since she's Hindu. But it was not vegan. And I didn't have the heart to tell her I couldn't eat it. So I did. I got a tummyache too. And I felt bad about it. But it did taste very good!

And I've also slipped up and ate cheese dip a few times when I was really, really drunk. But who hasn't?

Lauren said...

It's not the falling off track, it's the fact that you got back on track that matters. You are doing so well, everyone has had slip ups now and then.

Also, I TIVO Ellen and I just watched an episode from last week and the rockettes were on! I was looking for you, but I wasn't sure if you were there since I am sure you would of posted about it here. I feel so special to "know" a!

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