Monday, July 21, 2008


HI GUYS!!!! I am SOOOO sorry i've been so mia lately...!!!

Things have been crazy with rehearsals and now we're in tech rehearsals... that means that we are in the theatre from 12pm till 12am... its hell!!!

so i havent had any time to update or even think about anything but the Producers!!!

Its really fun though! I love my cast and love being a part of something!

I wont lie... I havent taken any pictures of my food lately... I've kinda been grabbing whatever is quickest.. (and vegan of course!)

For a while atleast my posts will be sporadic... but dont think that I dont think of all of you!!!
I love this little family that I have found within blogging and i certainly dont want to lose it..!!!!

Ill post something interesting soon I SWEAR!!!

Friday, July 11, 2008


WOW! i am seriously the happiest girl right now.

Aside from loving this show I'm doing right now.. I GOT THE CALL  I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR!!

Radio City offered me a position as a Rockette on their Arena Tour!! Its going to be a HUGEEEEEE deal. Theyre taking the new york show on the road (There is a double decker the exact ones you see on the street in NYC on stage that we dance on... just to give you a hint of the size of this show.... theres also ice skaters and a costume covored in swarovski crystals... hmmm!!!!)

Its like 10 times better than the show I did last year and I am soooo honored to be asked back... AHH HORRAY!!!!!

So NOW you all have to look at this website.. and if we're comming to a city near you.. YOU HAVE TO COME SEE IT!!! (and let me know if you can because I can always bring you back stage for fun times !!!

OK! So I've been eating really really well lately.. I'll post my food later ( i actually took a picture today hahaha... no one was around! )


Thursday, July 10, 2008


Well today was our first day of rehearsal!

It was really fun but really exhausting. I have a LOT of music to learn tonight before staging it all tomorrow. The cast is really nice and everyone is super talented!

So i actually had a really great food day!
I havent taken any pictures yet... im not sure if my new room mates would think its totally weird that im taking pictures of all of my food! (i will but not just yet)
I broke it to a couple of people that im vegan and the usual response is "Wow I could never do that"... the funny thing is that I never thought that I could do it and here I am.. about 6 months later.. happier and healthier than ever (I will admit I have strayed a couple of times... with dairy.. But I really try hard not to and I do consider myself a dedicated vegan)

So although there are no pictures, I will tell you a little about my intake today.

Im not sure where everyone is from (obviously) but there is a HUGE Wegmans across the street from where we are living. Wegmans is just like Whole Foods....BUT BETTER! Its got everything and is REALLY cheap.. i couldnt believe how little my bill was after all of the wholesome foods I bought (I know that you all know how expensive a healthy lifestyle can be!)

So for lunch I had a small salad with a grilled portobello mushroom and grilled eggplant, artichoke salad, and no dressing! The juices from all of the veggies was MORE than enough. I also had a small side of tabouli. YUMM YUMMM

For  a snack I had some dried fruit and pistachios... Now ON PISTACHIOS.. im really sad because I had NO idea how many calories were in them... apparently in a cup there are around 700!!!! (thats what my mom said so take that with a grain of salt)

Dinner was a huge salad with rasberries, mushrooms, avocado, rice cheese, cherry tomatoes, cucumber and pumpkin seeds with a bowl of butternut squash soup!!!

I've been snacking on blueberries all night and i think i might turn into one!!!

Well I've only been gone one day and I already miss home. Im definitely a home body and i am super close with my friends and family (and i miss anthony :( ) but i realize this is my career and I have to do what i have to do! so on that note!!!


Wednesday, July 9, 2008


SORRY IVE BEEN MIA LATELY!!!Things have been crazy, but Im finally settling down... AT MY NEW JOB!!!

As I said before I took a job doing the show "The Producers" At the Merry Go Round Theatre.
I just got here today!!! I havent met many people yet but everyone I have seems really nice. I get a little nervous in situations like these, but I always end up having a blast!

Well I wanted to post some Montreal pictures. Anthony and 
I had the best time!!!

When we got there (after the 7 hour drove) we had a light lunch and
 then went to the Jazz festival!! It was a free festival with about 10 stag
es all within a couple of blocks.. it was sososoo great!
We also went on a 30 mile bike ride through out montreal!!!
This is a pic of the "Bike Only Bridge".. breath taking huh

and here are the happy (and very sweaty) Synthia and Anthony!

Here I am by a beautiful fountain in old
 montreal :)...this next picture makes me smile...

So does this!

So All in All we had a great time!!!

When I got home the other night My mom was behind my boat... (we have our boat in our drive way at the moment) When I went over to see what was going on.. i saw this!!!!!
There are lots of stray cats in my neighbor hood.. but this little guy cant be more than 6 weeks old.. he is sosososo sweet... he lets us pick him up, and pet him and he purrs at our legs! My mom wont take him in.. but she has been feeding him, and lets hi
m hang around our house.. I think by the time I get home from my show we will have adopted him..
Mom calls him "Friend". Anthony started calling him "Friendo" hahah so thats his name for now :)
common how do you say NO to that!?!?!?!?

Monday, July 7, 2008


HAHAHA well today was the fist day of recording! It was sososoo much fun.. I already layed down three tracks and I have 3 more tomorrow!!!

Anthony and I had the most amazing time in Montreal. Ill put up some pictures in a little bit, but one of my favorite things we did was go on a 30 mile bike ride all over the Montreal!! it was amazingggggggggggg.

Thank you for all of the kind CONGRATS!!! I will visit all of your blogs and check out everything I missed these past few days!!!


Thursday, July 3, 2008


This is going to be a really quick post because IM IN MONTREAL!!!!
Anthony and I got here about 3 hours ago and we're about to go to a cafe (imagine me saying cafe in a thick french provides for more drama :) )


IM GOING TO BE SINGING ON A CHRISTMAS CD!!!!!! Its going to be comming out around Christmas time (go figure) so everyone has to get a copy!!!!
Ill let everyone know more information when I find out.. but im recording on Monday and Tuesday...!!! We auditioned in a recording studio and it was sosososo freakin cool...(In the booth with the glass inbetween you and the sound guys and producers) AWESOME

Well... I probably wont be posting much in the next two days, but I will let you all know how it goes on monday!
Now I am off to enjoy my vacation :)

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