Sunday, November 23, 2008



I miss looking at all of your blogs, getting inspired, going to Whole Foods, buying my ingredients and cooking a yummy dinner!!! I miss taking pictures of my food and i miss posting it! I miss getting excited about what im going to cook and i miss everything!!!! RAR!!!

ok so now that my rant is over. I will say that I have been looking at everyone websites lately and I am so jealous!!!! I love my job so much but I kinda of cant wait to have my real life back.

My vegan food life has consisted of brown rice, beans, salad, and various steamed vegetables. This would be awesome... but its EVERY DAY!!! Right now I want a mean stir fry, or black bean burger... yea... i want an awesome veggie burger... AHH!!!

ok good night.. im going to go to bed with my belly grumbling ::sigh::

Monday, November 17, 2008

For the Kids

So a big part of my job is not only performing, but also giving back to the different communities that we come into. Tonight's performance was extremely special for me and my whole line.

In each city, we have an opening night event. Usually its to give tickets to some sort of underprivileged children so that they can come and see a show that they otherwise would not be able to attend. Well tonight, was dedicated to St. Jude's Children's hospital. 

When we march into the lobby we are in our soldier costumes. This is a unique costume because the hat covers our eyes making it impossible to see out, but we can see underneath the brim.  So when we came out, (I didnt know that this was a St. Jude's  ticket give away) I saw two little girls (in front of me) with beautiful green velvet christmas dresses on... then i realized.. these little girls had cancer. Their hair was gone, one of them had a face mask on. Then i looked around and realized that all of these children were gravely ill. One little boy was in a wheel chair and had shriveled legs... another had braces on her legs. There were under developped children, children with all sorts and stages of cancer. It was heart breaking.

As the event proceeded, I realized that the mother with the two little girls in the green velvet dresses was crying... tears of happiness. Her daughters were smiling brightly as Santa Claus spoke to the crowd and they seemed overwhelmed by the Rockettes... our prescence. After we marched away most of us had tears in our eyes. This is another reason why I love my job. Because for one night, these children were able to excape the hospital beds. They were able to escape doctors and disease.... they were taken to a world where Christmas is all around. Where Santa Claus flies over them. Where there is a snow blizzard over their heads... and where the Radio City Rockettes smile and kick their way into their hearts. I have the most amazing job... and I am so lucky to be able to touch people in the way that I do.

So tonight. Before you go to bed... thank god for what you have. Thank god for all of the healthy children that you have in your life, and pray that those who are less fortunate are able to pull through.

XxMerry Christmas to all.. and to all a Good NightxX

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Well We have been on tour for about a week now! the show is getting great response and Im really proud to be in something so wonderful. Right now were in Green Bay Wisconson. Oh boy.. is there NOTHING to do here. And all they eat is meat and CHEESE! a vegans NIGHT MARE!!! I dont mean to offend anyone from this sure if I great up here i would grow to appreciate a place that bases their lives around whole milk lates and cheese curdles, but for now, this new york girl misses her fast paced, vegan friendly life!!!
On the vegan end, ive been eating lots of brown rice, black beans, and salads... and any sort of whole grain carbs i can get my hands on. Surprisingly I am getting plenty of energy through my diet so im not to worried. The caterers are really super supportive and are always whipping up some sort of vegan concoction. We've had stir fries, stuffed tomatoes, even vegan meatloaf (which im allergic to so i cant eat, but its the thought that counts :)

I want to share some pictures with you all of my show, its absolutley beautiful and im really proud!!!!

A Vegan on STAGE

Navigating my way through a Vegan lifestyle