Friday, May 29, 2009


As Vegans and Vegetarians we have made a noted choice to keep our bodies healthy and clean. We nourish our bodies with wonderful foods, vitamins, minerals, and exercise daily. 
After we exercise we....

Take a shower.

Well duh.. doesn't everyone. Sure we have learned since we were infants that it is important to bathe ourselves.... but what are you cleaning yourself with? Store bought products with chemicals, alcohol, parabans, artificial dyes and animal cruelty??? Why would we health nuts do such a thing?! We take sure pride in our bodies and work so hard to keep the bad stuff out... well its a shame to be putting those gross nasty things on your skin, hair and teeth.

Through out the past few months I have been trying to purge my stock of chemical rich products (shampoo, body wash, moisturizer, deodorant, tooth paste etc.) and replace it with organic, nutrient rich, cruelty free products. 

I admit it is really difficult when money is tight and you have a full bottle of shampoo to use, but perhaps consider, once that bottle has run out, to go out to a store and purchase an organic product.

Today I purchased a new shampoo and conditioner from Pure Life Soap Co... They have tons of different fragrances.. I especially loved the Wild Indigo..smells beautiful!!! (price range around 10.00)

I also love Desert Essence Organics. These products can be found at whole foods.
 I have the coconut body lotion. Love it because it reminds me of summer :) (Price range about 8.99)

I think my favorite product is my facial cleanser from Eminence Organic Skin Care. 
These products have seriously changed my skin. I never had bad bad break outs, but once in a while, after dancing or working out, and especially sweating in my show make up, I would get a terrible painful break out. These products are amazinggg.
In the mornings I use the Citrus Exfoliate, and at night I use the Stone Crop Gel Wash.
(Price range about 11.00)

These are just some of the products that are out there. There are truly a number of amazing options.  I am still in the process of completely switching over. Next move is my deodorant and tooth paste!

Now, once you have changed over to an organic life, why not treat yourself to an organic facial or body scrub. I know i know This is PRICEY. But your worth it. I do it twice a year (mom gets me one for Christmas, and I treat myself to one after the summer. It is amazing to get all of those dirty dead skin cells off your skin. It detoxifies you,  and leaves your skin glowing and revitalized. Not to mention you feel completely energized (and your boyfriend will notice that you are glowing too he he)


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Dancing with a Star!!!!

Well as I've made it quite obvious with my lack of posting, I havent been very inspired... and then I figured out why.I havent been making anything exciting!!!

I usually leave my house at 11:00 am and dont get home until 11:45 pm.. (two show days and a long ass break in between). That leaves no time for fun cooking!!!! (thes
e crazy hours arent every day.. but atleast 3)... On days that I have time I have been enjoying the weather, reading going to the gym, spending time with friends etc.

WELL... Although this isnt a food post, I have some cool fun news to tell you all.

On Tuesday I was asked to take part in a PR event for Radio City.. celebrating The Indie 500 Winner Helio. He won Dancing with the stars two seasons ago.. I LOVE the show.. so I was a tad star struck. He was as nice/sweet/funny as he seems on TV too. :)

Heres some shots I found on a website...
(I'm the middle girl on the right side)

(Right on the end)
(Right on the end... kickin for ET! )

Well other than that nothin too crazy is going on. I cant believe its summer!!!! HORRAY FINALLY!!!


ps.. i like posting again.. i think ill do it again real soon :)

Saturday, May 16, 2009

im the worst

Hi guys... i know Ive said this time and time again. But Im so sorry I havent been around.. i cant believe its been over 2 weeks since i've posted!!! I cant blame it on being too busy...I have just been uninspired. 

I even considered shutting down VOS for a short while. But... my mom talked me out of it. I have such a strong network of people in the blog world.. its silly to give it up. 

I plan on posting something asap.. !!! Ill be back!!

food for thought: Who is as obsessed with the Biggest Loser as I am?!?!?


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