Friday, June 26, 2009

Dreams really do come true

once again.. i know its been a while...and this isnt about food.. or being vegan.. this is about dreams coming true.

Most of you know that I have been a Rockette for the last 2 years...My first year I performed in Phoenix arizona and Costa Mesa California.... last year I was on the First National Arena tour...

I found out today that a dream came true...I am going to be performing in New York City this christmas season in the Radio City Christmas Spectacular!!!!

Ive wanted to dance on that stage for as long as I can remember... and I honestly cant think of anything more exciting than being a Rockette in New York during Christmas. Im especially excited because my friends and family will get to see the show.. and I will be able to spend the holidays with the people i love!!!!

just goes to show that you can never give up your dreams. because sometimes they really do come true!!!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Gluten Free Gourmet

a couple of weeks ago I received a package from a girl named Julia. Julia is the creator of "Gluten Free Gourmet", a completely gluten free, vegan independent business venture! She sent me a cute little package of samples from her line of products. Since I have a severe nut allergy she sent me some nut free samples to try! Super exciting (especially when the package came when I was having a SERIOUS chocolate craving)

Raspberry Corn Muffins:
SO YUMMY!!! the taste of corn wasn't too over powering, but the sweetness of the raspberries were delightful. I also loved the texture. They were soft and fluffy.. not over cooked... perfection :)

Molasses Maple Cookies with Date Glaze:

These cookies were sweet with a delightful texture. My favorite part was the date glaze. It reminded me of that terrible for you sugary icing, (haha cant help it I used to love the stuff) but this glaze was super healthy and super sweet!!!

Cocoa Carob Cookies:

HOLY GOOD GOD. Julia sent me the other pictures but didn't send me a pic of this delightful decadence. So here is my terrible photo that does it NO justice. All I can say is WOW. This cookie was amazing. I am all about texture (i mentioned it a lot) And it reminded me of a fresh out of the oven cookie (soft and wonderfully fresh) It is wonderfully chocolaty, but not too rich. I hate overly sweet things and this cookie was definitely not that. Ah wonderful!

Ok guys.. so let be real, we all spend way too much money on our gluten free/nut free/ soy free/ vegan etc. products. Here is a girl who is trying to start up a company who need our support! If you are love baked goods that are healthy and made of mostly organic products check out her site... Gluten Free Gourmet.
*Lets help out a fellow vegan who is trying to provide a wonderful product!!!*


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