Monday, August 25, 2008

Pam Anderson... fighting for animal rights!

Ive never been a crazy fan of reality shows. Frankly I feel that they take jobs and opportunities away from actors who have trained and worked hard to be able to fill those slots on television shows. Well today when I turned on the television "Pam Girl on the Loose" was on. I immediatly rolled my eyes and thought.. good god another one!!!! 
After running up stairs to get some cereal (yummy granola with rice milk  he he) I came down to a television full of picketers and PETA rights activists. 
I Completely forgot that Pamela Anderson was a huge supporter of PETA and animal rights. Sometimes I feel that the protests and visuals that PETA gives us are overwhelming, but all in all I think they are a wonderful group. 
Pam was protesting cruel and gruesome animal testing. I was surprised at the images that they were showing on television. Monkeys with their mouthes wide open in fear, Dogs being washed in chemical based shampoo, bunnies being injected with needless in their eye balls, and squealing mice being shocked and manipulated. These visions broke my heart, and reminded me why I have become, and sustained a vegan lifestyle.
I must admit, I originally became a vegan for the health reasons. I wanted to lose weight and I wanted to be as healthy as possible. I always had difficulty losing weight and keeping it off...veganism was the first time that it was easy, and also quite fun. I put my whole self into the lifestyle and saw instant results. My skin, immune system, energy, and stamina all increased, and I was a happier more satisfied Synthia.
Well along the way, I became increasingly aware of animal rights. I have always been a huge fan of animals. I gave up all red meat and pork at age seven because of the movie Babe!(im not sure why i kept eating chicken and turkey) Now I have read so many articles about the topic, and am truly passionate about animal rights.
Check out PETAS  website!



Sunday, August 24, 2008



Well Im back from my show :) Im sad that its over, but glad to have a life back for atleast three more weeks. 

Well, I kept up with my vegan diet while I was there, but i didnt eat anything interesting or exciting. I ate a lot of morning star veggie burgers, salads, soup, cereal, and amy's meals...mostly anything that was quick and easy. 

Well for some good news.. my mother has gone vegan!!! Her cholesterol has lowered dramatically and has seen a significant weight loss. Im so proud of her :)

My mothers personal trainer is a raw vegan and has been extremely helpful with information with our diets. She found this article and sent it out to her clients. Im not sure how i feel about it. In summary, this doctor thinks that adding a small amount of eggs (once in a while) or fish oil to a vegan diet is helpfull in sustaining strength, stamina, What do you think?

well thats all for now... i cant wait to get back to cooking!!!!

Friday, August 1, 2008



First I want to start this post by saying I miss you all so 
much! I miss our conversations via posts... i miss posting.. and most of all I MISS COOKING AND POSTING!!!! From the moment I started this blog it was so great to have a network of people who UNDERSTOOD.
You all inspired me to make my own vegan creations and then to eventually share them with the blogging world.
You were all there for me during my hard times (losing my uncle and 
my dog) and sent lots of congratulations and kind words during 
my achievements! (Radio City, Producers)
I have been meaning to post.. and have even taken some pictures 
to post.. but it just boils down to the fact that I HAVE NO TIME.
When I do have time I am at the gym, or hanging with my cast, or doing a show and unfortunately blogging has taken a back burner. 
I know that "Real LIfe" should come first.. but this blog has 
become a huge part of my "Real Life!"  I hate that I have neglected it.

SO Instead of telling myself I will get to it.. I will post later...
 I will catch up on all of the vegan goodness that this community has to offer... I am going to put my blog on hold.
I know I would just be kidding myself if I said that I had time to post, comment, and read every blog that I have grown to love.
When I get back home (which is in 3 weeks) hopefully I will start up again... and I am really hoping to fill everyone in on everything while Im on tour with the Rockettes this season.. but for now.. I will say "So Long"... not forever.. but for a while atleast.


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