Wednesday, September 24, 2008


AGAIN i want to thank you all for your suggestions.. believe me I have taken most of them!!!

Well Anthony came to visit me this weekend.. and with him he brought two bags of Whole Foods Goodies that my mommy sent with him. Some of my favorites included Hemp Milk, Hemp Protein Powder, Chia Seeds, Veggie Crisps, and lots and lots of dried fruit!!! Thanks to Veggie Girl... and lots of other knowledgable bloggers, I have learned that Hemp not only has lots of protein, but has lots of calcium, fiber, minerals, and is gluten and lactose free!!

My mom also presented her trainer with my food dilemma and she suggested Chia Seeds. Yes Chia seeds are used for those stupid little plant pets that sprout hair like grass all over the place... but little do many people know about their nutritional and medecinal value. Apparenly Chia seeds were used by Indian Warriors before they went to battle. They would eat as little as a teaspoon to give them the energy they needed in order to function and perform their best. Although I am no warrior, I am a professional dancer who needs as much energy and strength that I can get.. so i decided to try myself some warrior worthy Chia seeds!!

These seeds are awesome because when they are mixed with a liquid (rice, soy or hemp milk especially) they soak up the liquid forming a pudding like substance. Add some agave, 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla, and some hemp protein and you have yourself an energy boosting, protein  enhancing puddingy bowl of deliciousness! hahah... it kinda looks gross but tastes pretty good and has so much goodness in it its impossible to pass up!
heres a pretty great article on these seeds... check it out! 

Well other than that nothing super exciting or new is going on with me... ive been dancing non stop... my brain hurts from learning all of this new choreography.. and I am having a great time meeting all of these new people and doing what I love.

Im sorry I havent commented on anyones blogs in a while.. Ive been so busy its hard for me to even post on mine.. but i promise I will get around to it!!!!


Thursday, September 18, 2008


Hey guys!! 
thank you so much for all of your supportive words and helpful advice!!
I will definitely put them to use... my mom already bought lots of the stuff you all told me about and is sending me a care package. 

Tonight, some of the girls and I went out to Outback Steak House. A lot of the time I would normally eat something before I went, but since we went strait from rehearsal, I was hoping they would have something for me...but at a STEAK HOUSE?! I wasnt so convinced,,, but I still wanted to go out with I went...thinking I was going to eat some lettuce and tomato.

THEY HAD SOMETHING FOR ME!!! I had grilled vegetables, with grilled pineapple and multigrain rice... HOW GREAT!!! totally hit the spot. I also had them bring me a sweet potato (with the skin on it)

Rehearsal has been ok. We have been learning so much, and its sort of overwhelming. My body is sore, but I have been ice bathing so its really helping. (Yes... we sit in huge horse troughs of Ice water... usually between 48-50 degrees for 10 minutes after rehearsal) I dont have many blisters, but I do tape my feet every day and make sure I really take care of them...there is nothing worse than getting a bad blister.. and having to shove your food into a pair of heels and dance in them for 6 hours! UGH
(pic of my feet from last year all taped up... and a huge bruise from jumping on my food with a heel on)

So i wanted to say thank you again for all of your advice... I cant wait to try some of the suggestions and I plan on staying completely vegan while I am "on Stage!"

till tomorrow...your favorite Rockette...*

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


(just a silly pic of me from last years season with one of the camels!!!)


I have been thinking that I just wasnt going to post while I was in rehearsals for this show. its absolutley insane....but I need the advice of my vegan friends now more than ever.

Not only have we been rehearsing 6 hours a day for 6 days a week... but we're staying in hotel suites that HAVE NO KITCHEN!!!! The grocery store is seriously lacking in vegan goodies, and I have pretty much lost all appetite due to stress.

What is a vegan suposed to do!!

Today we had an information session about nutrition and all about what we need to be able to get through this show.

I know many of you are athletic...maybe even marathon runners...but this is something completely different. We are non stop for 6 days a week 6 hours a day. Our show is 90 minutes long.. and the longest break we have between numbers is like 2 minutes. We have to do this show up to four times a day. Not only will I be needing extra calories, but they are telling me that I wont get enough nutrients if I keep up a dairy free/meat free lifestyle. I need to prevent injury and if I do get injured, I need my body to be able to heal itself in a quick manner.


Any Bars... or easy to put together (WITHOUT AN OVEN.... i do have a microwave) foods that will save me!?!?!?

I really dont want to re-introduce dairy into my diet.. and i refuse to eat meat. Im also allergic to all soy...and most nuts (not pistachios or pine nuts)

I swear these people really think im crazy. They cant believe that I life a vegan lifestyle and am allergic to so many things. I just dont know what to do without compromising my ethics and health...
SO PLEASE If anyone has any suggestions, or supportive tips they can send my way they will be greatly appreciated.

thanks so much you guys...

I promise Ill keep you posted on everything here!!!

-love your favorite Rockette!!!

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