Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A Terrible Horrible no good Very Bad day

I have had lots of bad days. Sometimes you wake up in the morning and well everything goes wrong. Your late for school, your favorite cafe is out of your salad, you miss the only subway that will get you to the train on time. Stuff like that. Well, for me yesterday was nothing like that. 
   It was my day off from the show. I was going to rest my body, do some shopping and enjoy the day. I woke up at around 12:30 (which I never ever do) and laid in bed and watched  a movie. 
I realized that I was hungry, so I decided to go to Austin's famed 2nd and Congress. There are lots of cute boutiques and also some healthy restaurant options.. I WAS PUMPED!
  The First thing I did when I got down there was find some food! I walked into a little cafe called "Jo's". They had about 5 vegan/vegetarian options! I decided on the veggie burger, but before I ordered I made sure to ask them if there was soy in it. She said she highly doubted it since it would have said it on the board under the burgers ingredients. All it said was Black beans, Whole wheat rice, onion, garlic, red pepper, and portobello mushrooms. It sounded like something I even make at home, so I figured I was safe.
  Well, I'm not gunna lie, I scarfed the thing down. I hadnt had much of an appetite lately and was starving. I finished my burger and walked into the shop next door to look for a cute new years dress. And then it started.....

I started to feel burning and itchiness in the back of my throat. Sometimes that happens if a small trace of soy is in something I eat, but I usually can deal with it without having to take anything. When it started to get worse I realized I needed to take some benadryl... and I didnt have any with me. 

Luckily there was a CVS near by where i opened the package and took two doses right in the isle. Usually that will stop any reactions I am going to have, but it will make me super drowsy so i knew I had to head back to my hotel room. 

As I was walking back, my symptoms not only worsened they plummeted. I felt nauseous, I was sweating, and now my eyes, scalp, and hands were itching. I know those are weird places to feel severe itch, but thats when I know that I'm about to go into anaphylactic shock.. and soon.

I started throwing up the second I got back to my room, and then I called my mom. I was pretty frantic, and having her being thousands of miles away back in New York was even harder. I felt completely alone and scared, and I didnt know if I would have to take my epi pen or not. Well, when I looked in the mirror and realized that my eyes were swelling shut, I knew I had to. 

I opened my pen, jammed it in my thigh, ran down stairs to the lobby so I wouldn't be alone, and called an ambulance.

Everything after that is a big blur. They got there, checked my vital signs, got me in the ambulance and rushed me to the hospital. The entire way there I was throwing up, sweating, I couldn't focus on anything, and I kept passing out. I was terrified. 

A company manager met me at the hospital so that at least someone I knew would be with me. They gave me an IV with benadryl (because I had thrown everything I took up) and lots of fluid because I was so severely dehydrated, and within an hour I was fine. Its incredible what epinephrin can do for someone who is going into shock.

I stayed in the hospital for a couple of hours until they discharged me and told me to go home and get some rest.

Today I feel fine, well as fine as one can be after feeling like they got hit by a ton of bricks. Im just glad that i was able to handle the situation on my own. But this goes to show that restaurants are very insensitive to allergies. When someone asks a question about what the ingredients are, they have to be positive about their response. I know its my own fault for not being more careful, and just assuming that the waitress understood the severity of my allergy. It isnt her problem, nor her responsibility to make sure that I keep myself safe, but with accurate information, the whole situation could have been avoided. 

well now that you have all heard my story, I hope that you had a better day than I did!!!

on a brighter note, I WILL BE HOME IN 5 days!! HORRAY!!!

until next time Syn*

Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas time is here.. and gone... and still Rocketteing

Well Christmas was alright. I really missed my family, but it was great to be able to be surrounded by friends. 

In the morning I woke up and ordered room service with 6 of the girls. It was really fun. We just gossiped, ate, and enjoyed each others company. It was really hard being away from my family, but it helped to keep busy.

After breakfast, we headed over to the homeless shelter. When we arrived, they asked if anyone sang. Our santa (who plays piano beautifully) was there along with myself and one other Rockette who sings. We went into their chapel and sang charols while the people were entering the church. They LOVED IT!!! it was so rewarding to be able to lend my talents to make people who are so much less fortunate than I happy.

After our singing, we served dinner. I really cant explain how wonderful it felt to be able to provide help to these people. There were men dressed in fancy suits, clearly coming from a day at the office.. who also clearly had nothing.. and had to resort to a food kitchen on christmas eve. It is incredibly suprising to disover the people who are so desperatly in need. It could be the person walking next to you on the street... looking completely at ease with his life, but on the inside wondering how he is going to feed his children that night. I was sooo glad I was able to help. They were truly all so grateful for our help that night. That is the best kind of Christmas figt.

The next morning, I woke up and read the paper... and w
hat was there but an article... AND A PICTURE OF ME!!

It was awesome to see that our services did not go unnoticed...

I truly felt the spirit of giving.

Well... we're in TEXAS right now! and I only have one more city until i get to come home!! HORRAYYYY!!!!

till next time... VOS out :)

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

12 Days of Christmas!

Well friends... I have 12 days left of my contract! Which means 12 days till I get to be with my family... 12 days until i see my wonderful boyfriend, and 12 days until I HAVE MY KITCHEN BACK AND I CAN GO FOOD SHOPPING AND COOK!!!!I am sososoo excited to be done. I LOVE my job.. dont get me wrong. I want to do it every year... it is so completely rewarding and amazing and I am lucky... BUT MY BODY IS KILLING ME!!!

I have tendon itis in my hips, and I pulled a muscle in my back. Other than that I'm alright, but my body needs a rest. 

Well although my food has been boring. (still rice and beans, lots of salad, assorted steamed vegetables, pasta, and oat meal) I have gotten to do some really cool things.

In Baltimore, my parents came to see the show and spend some time with me. There is a huge aquarium there... I loved the beautiful colors, exotic animals, and positive messages that they represented. 

i love this quote too..
"If were to be responsible we must accept the fact that we owe a massive debt to our environment. It wont be settled in a matter of months, and it wont be forgiven us"

Not only did I get to see this beautiful marine life, but I was able to see my beautiful friends and family!!!! Here are some pictures of their visit! 
Here is Anthony and I <3
my aunt uncle, mother, and my aunts two friends, my dad is taking the picture :)
4 of my best friends :) Kristina, cristy, amanda and kate

   On a sad note, I will be alone on Christmas :( Anthony was going to come, but it didnt make sense financially since he has to work and I'm only in Tulsa (Where I will be for Christmas) for three days. I'm ok with it i suppose. It is going to be hard and lonely to have NO one I love on christmas, but I am lucky to have lots of great friends here on tour with me.. (there are lots of Christmas orphans as we like to call it)
    Lots of the girls are volunteering at a Food kitchen on Christmas evening. I feel like this is going to be soooo rewarding so I'm excited to give back to people less fortunate than I.
    My cast is also donating a bunch of tickets to a local orphanage that could'nt other wise afford to come. These kids are considered "un-adoptable" which is a terrible label, but they are 8-18 and are considered undesirable for adoption. Hopefully we can bring them some holiday job and allow them to experience a real christmas.

well sorry for the novel, I know I havent written very often. I will be home soon and back to my regular blogging ways.. cooking,.. food shopping...and being with friends and family :)

till later
xoxo and Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Rockettes- Finally

Hey guys!!! I wanted to post this video. Its of us doing our closing number called "Shine".

*On the stairs im on the bottom step second girl in
*During the dance im the second girl in the front row
*On the Runway im the last girl to step down on the right.


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