Friday, January 23, 2009


So I think my toe is broken. Or else severely jammed... OUCHHHHH!!!! 

I was running yesterday on the treadmill and i felt it CRACK. It has been bothering me for the past couple of days but today I can barley walk on it. Oh well... i guess that gives me an excuse to sit on my couch and catch up on all of your blogs!!

My mom and I like to go to Whole Foods in the morning right after they have put out all of their fresh produce... So thats exactly what we did today. We got to whole foods at 9am and got all of our shopping done for the week!! Horray!!!!

Well this week I went on my first audition since I've been back home. It was for 42nd street at the Goodspeed theatre in CT. I got kept through the dance audition and then I sang. I think it went pretty well...but you never can tell what the casting people are thinking. Oh well.. I'll keep you all updated on my auditions!
In more exciting news I registered for my personal training course and I start on Feb. 9th!!! IM SO PUMPED!


This week I was craving two things... Pizza and Soup. WHY? I have no idea. I think I wanted the warmth of the soup and the saucy goodness of the pizza.

Tuesday night was an incredible salad with black beans, sprouts, artichokes, avocado, celery, cucumber, pumpkin seeds, and a piece of "Quorn" Chick'n. With a cup of YOU GOT IT... SOUP! Butternut Squash Soup of course :) SOOOO AMAZINGLY YUMMY. (My mom made it from scratch.. not sure of the recipe though)
And here is my Wednesday Night pizza!! Its made on a Brown Rice Wrap and piled with Hunts tomato sauce, broccoli, tomato, onion,artichoke and Rice cheese...AMAZINGGGGGG
Thursday Night was by far the best. My mom made a killer three bean salad from VegNews...heres a picture of the beans before they were added to the other ingredients.. i just 
thought they looked so pretty!
For dinner.. i paired the bean salad with some sauteed Kale, sweet potato
 fries (baked) and some more Butternut squash soup.

Well Friends... nothing too exciting in my life right now its time for me to read and comment on all of your blogs!!!



vegannurse said...

Mmm, soup, pizza, sweet potato fries.. beans!! YUMMY!

You certainly now how to eat great, Syn!

Although I did have a question about the Quorn.. I thought this product contained egg whites and milk? Was I mistaken?

Definitely get your toe checked out.. it's better to be safe than sorry!

Good luck with any more audtions!

tahinitoo said...

I am sending well wishes for your toe - ouch! All of your food looks delicious. Soup and pizza are two of my favorites! Just a heads up: I don't know if you avoid eggs, but Quorn products usually have rehydrated egg whites in them. You might want to check your package out. Sneaky ingredients...

Best of luck to you with your auditions!!!

Becks - Not a Rabbit. said...

Ouch! I hope your toe feels better soon!
And thanks for passing on the pizza craving ~ it must be contagious!
Good luck with your auditions too, I hope the toe doesn't hold you back! x

VeggieGirl said...


omnidudemeandthebean said...

That bean salad looks really good. I love beans. It's one of my staples. I'm sorry about your toe. That is just awful. I hope that it heals quickly and that you feel better soon.

Aimee said...

That dinner looks amazing!!

Vegetation said...

Mmmm pizza! I'd give anything to have rice cheese available here! YUM! (and the soup looks great too).

Hope your toe feels better soon.

River said...

You sure are making the best of your time at home and in the kitchen! Every single thing looks delicious!

YAY for your audition! I hope you get it!

I'm so sorry about your toe! Toe injuries are so darn painful. I hope it gets better soon!!

ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

Oh noooo! I broke my toe once and had to wear an UGLY old shoe (seriously UGLY). I hope you're luckier!!!

I ♥ puggies said...

Good luck with the audition!

Lauren said...

yum, great eats!! it all looks delicious! :)
hope your toe gets better..that's a really big bummer, especially with a TOE!

acookinthemaking said...

the beans do look beautiful! i actually thought it was a bowl of wild rice for a sec haha.
i hope your toe feels better!!

Vegan_Noodle said...

Ouch is right! Hope your toe is okay!

Dinners look delicious...

talieworld said...

Aww, I hope you didn't break your toe!

Good luuck with auditions. If you get this job then hopefully I can come and see you because Goodspeed is like 30 minutes from me! To answer your question about dance a few days ago, I really hope I can dance in NYC someday, but unfortualtely no time soon. :(

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