Tuesday, April 29, 2008

"BOO ON RAIN" ...a very vegan adventure!

And welcome to blog post number two!!
I'll start off by saying that I HATE RAINY DAYS! well.. let me rephrase that.. I love
LAZY rainy days but on days like today where I have to be in the City all day and night...THEY ARE TERRIBLE!!!
--*not to mention i forgot my umbrella...
On days where I have long breaks (i commute from long Island almost every day) I usually go to my Aunts apartment.. but of course shes not home... and I cant seem to find my key anywhere! SO since
 I am Umbrella-less
.. Key-less...and WET, I decided what better place to go and hang out then 
So right now I am enjoying a hot ORGANIC GREEN TEA with Raw Sugar.
** A note on artificial sweeteners**

--I used to be an avid coffee drinker ( I gave it up about two months ago and have never felt better!)  I was also a HUGE Diet pepsi FANATIC! I did some research and discovered the dangers of Splenda, Sweet
 and Low, Equal.. and EVERY OTHER STUPID USELESS ARTIFICIAL SWEETENER EVER CREATED!!!! Artificial sweeteners actually make you gain weight. They trick your mind into thinking that you are getting real Natural sugars when all you are getting is CHEMICALSSSSS! They actually are known to increase appetite and stimulate weight gain!
IN CONCLUSION! I will stick to AGAVE nectar, Stevia, and RAW SUGAR!

Although my day has NOT been the sunniest, I did start it off with a GREAT breakfast!
 MEAL with BANANAS, Strawberries, Rice Milk (vanilla flavored!) and AGAVE nectar!
I cant really tell you whats in it... every time my mom or I make it its different. We usually use an assortment of Whole grains (oats, wheat berries, millet, etc... I love
 flax in it since it ensures that i get those OMEGA-3 fatty acids!

After breakfast, getting ready, and sitting on a train for an hour and 15 minutes, I finally reached the City. Today I got my NEW HEAD SHOTS RETOUCHED AND REPRODUCED!!! Im so excited and am FINALLY happy with the results. For ANYONE getting New Head shots.. i TOTALLY recommend JEREMY FOLMER.He really has an eye for capturing distinct personalities in the photos! (ill post them after I get them back!)

To get to the retouching place I had to walk through Bryant park. On a normal day this place would be hopping with trendy college students and city goers
enjoying lunch on the park benches. There would have been little kids riding on the Carousel... but of course it was deserted because of the weather...I decided to take a picture of the carousel anyway... it just makes me happy :)

After that I went next door to PAX Wholesome foods! 
Its way too expensive.. but I love the "Make your own salad".
Im the kind of person who likes EVERY VEGETABLE ever! I don't think any combination
of veges is bad! Today I had Mixed greens, mixed olives, artichoke, asparagus, Sunflower seeds (I LOVE THE CRUNCH!), Roasted peppers, and avocado!  YUMMMM!!!! not only was it healthy, but it was PRETTY and VEGAN!

So now I am just WASTING time.. well not really wasting because I am writing... but I really have nothing to do until 4:30... and its only 2:00!!!! AHHHHHHHH
HHHH :( :( :(

I'll write more after my voice lesson and 3 hour miserable class!!!


SO I'm in my BORING 3 hour class!!
So what better to do then finish my post for today!

It was rather ironic that after i finished posting in Starbucks, it got SUNNY OUT! HORRAY!!!
the second it got sunny I decided I would WALK to my voice lesson...from 14th to 50th! (i must say that about half way through I got on the subway) but as I was walking i Stumbled upon one of my favorite places ever... BARNES AND NOBLE! As I was passing it I though "I will buy my very first vegan cook book!" and thats exactly what I did!!!
I purchased Vegan Express... its a great cook book for the kind of person
who doesnt have much time to cook..aka ME!!!! I was flipping through it and Im so especially excited because there are so many SOY FREE recepes! I have a moderate allergy to soy.. and im very sensitive to Tofu.. and all nuts...therefore it limits my diet! But I have found lots of soy free/nut free options. and NO I DO NOT GO HUNGRY AS A VEGAN!

After my voice lesson I decided to treat myself to my favorite restaurant..(I know it seems as though I am eating out a lot but on these long days I dont have much choice)..SO i went to the amazingly VEGAN CANDLE CAFE! (check it out!) If you live in Manhattan its on East 74th on 3rd avenue.
I had a Delicious Cajan Pan seared Seitan  (click to find out what SEITAN..pronounced SATAN!)  sandwich with avacado,

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