Thursday, June 5, 2008

The best day in a very long time :)

Today was probably one of the best days I've had in a really long time.

I haven't danced in so long and its very unlike me. I think with all that has been going on between recently graduating, 4 hour acting classes, working a lot, and my personal issues, my dance classes have taken a back burner. I should know better... when I dont dance I get depressed... and when I get depressed.. well I don't dance. Its a vicious cycle and a 
stupid one at that.

Well today when my alarm went off this morning  I decided... I wasnt going to go to my acting class today... screw it... I needed to take some dance classes... and take dance classes I did!!!

I got into the city around  12 and headed over to "Steps" and took a
 class with Daina Moore. She is so inspiring and just completely positive. The class itself wasnt incredibly challenging, but I knew Later I would get my ASS KICKED (in my second class) 

Since I had some time to kill... I poped into Urban Outfitters.. and LOOK WHAT I FOUND!!!!

HOW CUTE!!! I know you all want one :) hehehehe i cant wait to wear it!

So first my awesome dance class.. then my adorable shirt... well Why should I stop Now?!?!? 
I ran to my favorite dance supplier store and bought two new pair or dance pants. (i actually needed them for rehearsals for my upcomming show!) 

(if anyone lives in the NY area... and is a performer.. you NEED to go to "Class In" Its on 72nd and Amsterdam...theyre amazing... you pick a leotard, pants, unitard etc and they size you so it fits perfectly...and then you can make alterations...lower back, higher leg...etc and THEN you get to pick your own fabric and colors! Its so much fun and really cheap!! OK..!)

So after some new dance clothes, my adorable t-shirt, and my amazing dance class.. I headed over to Broadway Dance Center (aka BDC) FOr my second class.

This one was with my FAVORITE teacher.. David Marquez.
Not only was the choreography challenging but it was the kind of movement that just makes you gush happiness at the seams. Everything that has been bothering me lately completely melted away. I just moved freely, intensely and joyfully... i know this sounds silly but I felt free. This is why I love to dance.. because of the way it makes me feel. I have been lucky enough to have been blessed with the opportunity to do it professionally... and I need to remember that this is what calms me...centers me...and makes me whole. Thank god I have something like this...thank god!

Ok so after I got home, I had a suprise waiting for me at my front door!!!
About a week ago I discovered a product called "Sun Butter"!!!!
Basically its a "peanut butter" substitute made from sunflower seeds. Well I was super excited when I found it!!! I got chunky and creamy... ok so the verdict????
AMAZING!!!! I tasted it and I had to re-read the label because I thought it might have nuts in it! It is creamy, salty, and AMAZING!!!! IS THIS WHAT I HAVE BEEN MISSING?!?!?! Seriously... anyone who has nut allergies like me...GET THIS PRODUCT!!!

Well i IMMEDIATELY remembered a post that I saw on Celine's blog. It called for nut butter and of course I couldnt use it.. BUT I HAD MY SUNBUTTER... so I attempted to make "Thick Chocolate Mousse with Chocolate Ribbons of DOOM"
OH MY GOD.... this is AMAZING... and its made with avocado and BEANS! (i subbed Black beans for White beans... I dont think it made a difference... its still amazing!)
ANY desert made with beans and or avocado intruiges me... I mean... DESERT...and MY FAVORITE VEGETABLES!!! god it cant get any better than this.
So here's my picture... Celine has a better on one her blog (Shes an amazing photographer)...(and the recipe) but Hey i wanted to share too!!


Anonymous said...

Avocado and beans... in a dessert?
How intriguing! This looks quite yummy.. I might try it some time! Thanks for sharing!

I've heard good things about sun butter.. as soon as I'm done with the trillions of jars of nut butters I have on hand, I shall give these a try. :)


Becca said...

Haha I love the shirt!

Anonymous said...

That shirt is so cute!!

I looooooove sun butter!! We have pea butter up here in Canada too. Apparently it's quite good!

Anonymous said...

I've always wished I had taken dance lessons in the past... that's so great that you have that escape that you can go to to clear your mind!

And that dessert... WHOA. THAT is what I need to be making for myself right away.

Raffy Jay said...

So you're a vegetarian.

Celine said...

what a cute tee shirt!

CeciLiA said...

Awww .... I'm so glad you have such great time, you truly deserve it! :0) You seriously belong to the STAGE, girl - you're gonna get so popular one day! I saw "sunbutter" the other day, sounds like I should give it a try! :0) oh by the way, I loveee your top, it's so cute!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you tried the mousse AND got sunbutter :) I love sunbutter, too.
That shirt is incredible. I'm going to have to get myself over to urban outfitters to get it (did you go to the one near 72nd? I used to go there all the time!).
I'm so happy to hear that your day was better than previous ones. I really hope this trend continues for you!

Sarah said...

You said it all. That is exactly how I feel when I am dancing, and the most amazing teachers just make it even more powerful. I get a crazy high when I am dancing and everybody is smiling and laughing. For those few hours of class you are a little family and are support. I really need to take some classes again.

VeggieGirl said...

Doesn't dance make you feel amazing??? I'm so glad that I started it up again - I even have a performance coming up next week, which is QUITE exciting!! Enjoy your dancing :0)

Haha, what a fun t-shirt!! :0D

I've seen the sun-butter at Whole Foods, but have never tried it - sounds like a winner!

Bianca said...

I'm glad you got a chance to dance! Sounds like fun! And what a cute shirt...I've seen that Sun Butter at Wild Oats, but haven't ever tried it. I'll have to pick some up.

ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

Awww, what a cute, cute shirt!

For my cupcakes, I made the characters on the tops out of fondant, which is like edible clay! It’s even vegan… but I think it tastes disgusting, so I just peel the little guys off before I eat the cupcake. But it’s so much fun to work with!

Vegan_Noodle said...

So glad to hear you had a great day!! Those dance classes sound like so much fun....very energizing. Love the shirt! And glad you found a peanut butter substitute :-)
Haope you have a great weekend too.

Anonymous said...

OMG you mean a PB substitute that's actually TASTY?! I have GOT to get my hands on that stuff! :)

"Class In" sounds great--I'll have to stop by next time I'm in the city...which should be in a few months. I'm not living there yet, but the plan is to move as soon as I graduate in Spring '09!! Just think of all the great opportunities!! :)


Alice (in Veganland) said...

The t-shirt is so cute!

Anonymous said...

I love the 72nd street area. I lived on the UWS (at 104th), but I spend a lot of time in the mid 70s. It is such a great neighborhood.

LK said...

That's so great you enjoyed yourself. I feel the same way about yoga...(I can't dance, but exercise makes me feel better). You talking about dance reminded me of the show So You Think You Can Dance. I love that show, but the judges and the show are VERY competitive.

By the way, avocados are a fruit, and black beans are a legume. (not technically a vegetable) But still very nutritious!

Avery Yale Kamila said...

What an amazing recipe! And I love sunflower seed butter. Yum!

Eric said...

Dancing is awesome. I've loved it my whole life. I haven't danced very much lately, unfortunately, but yesterday after yoga, I danced to a song just for fun.

That's an awesome shirt :)

Keep on dancin'!

Kati said...

I love dancing - it's freeing like nothing else! It's so amazing that you get to do it professionally.

There is an AMAZING chocolate mousse recipe in The Balanced Plate that uses avocados as a base. It's the best mousse ever! Beans sure do sound like an intriguing addition, though...

ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

Ugh, it's TRUE-- why oh why is it harder for boys to become vegetarians? Why does society say that manliness needs to be judged by how much meat one eats??? My boyfriend is always telling me, "I need my meat. It's a guy thing." Grrr...

But I'm not worried about my little cousin-- he's a tough guy (he's always bullying the other kids at school. Yikes!).

Anonymous said...

Atta girl! :)
I used to make homemade sunflower seed butter for my sons when they were babies.
(love that shirt, btw)

Happy Herbivore! said...

LOVE the shirt

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