Friday, June 27, 2008

First my camera.. and NOW....

RARRRRR!!!!! So not only is my camera in melt down mode now (tomorrow im buying a new one!) But MY COMPUTER WONT WORK!!! the internet is doing this weird thing where it will flash for a second and then close... danm computer!!! thank god apple is good about fixing their products!
So for now Im on my dad's lap top. Not crazy about not having my computer right now but i have no choice. I seriosuly feel naked without it! I guess i spend too much time with it. Its right up there with the important things in my life like my food processor!

WELL I CUT MY HAIR!!!! I was sick of it being long. it was just.. well... long! And as much as I love long hair, Im really happy with the short do
o i have going on right now! its fun and light and easy for the summer... since my camera is dunzo, and i havent taken a good pic of me.. here 
is a
 makeshift picture from the computer! Not the best but you get the idea:)

Well since all my pictures are on MY computer I'll post them tomorrow...

But here is some food porn imagery for all of you who have nut allergies!!
Theyre Date Pits.. and they taste like almonds!!! HMM... ill show you pictures tomrrow!!!!

(The detox is going great! Im eating one cooked meal a day and the rest raw... ill post some goodies that I bought at wholefoods tomorrow!)


Sarah said...

Oh no! Sorry about your computer, I hope that gets fixed soon. Just make sure to back up all your work before you send it to apple, cause I know they are notorious for just getting rid of your hard drive when it isnt necessary.

And love the haircut! It's really great! I always love opting for a short haircut for summer, makes it a ton easier.

Have fun picking your new camera tomorrow :)

CeciLiA said...

Ugh i hate technical problems :0( Nehoos, LOVE your new do - you're really pretty and sweet looking! No wonder you're a performer :0)

Have a great day ... can't WAIT for the pic!

VeggieGirl said...

So sorry about all the technology issues :0( I do hope that it's all taken care of soon!!

Great new haircut!!

Anonymous said...

My computer got a virus right in the middle of my last semester of uni... during my thesis! Trust me, I feel your pain! I like your haircut, it really suits your face.
Want to blog-roll each other? I'm just about to add you to mine after I post this.

Sarah said...

Of course! You dont have to ask :) Add away. Have a good day!

Anonymous said...

The short hair looks great! Perfect for summer. You're brave for chopping off long locks, I'd have so much trouble parting with that much hair!

Anonymous said...

Hair is fabulous. I recently got a cut too (and had hair even longer than yours was)- and doesn't it make you feel glamorous and grownup? GORGEOUS- love it. Love the raw goodies too- thank you for sharing!

Anonymous said...

I think your haircut looks great! I'm getting mine cut this weekend (chin length) and I can't wait. I used to have mine longer (like your used to be) but I'm so glad I cut it.

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