Thursday, April 30, 2009

Smoothie Queen..

Well first I'll start with some cute new clothes that I've bought myself (For my birthday)... This isnt all of them.. but its all good

Halter Dress from Urban Outfitters (sale for 20$!) <3>
Vintage high wasted skirt from American Apparel (vintage collection)
High wasted linen Pants (H+M)
70's Vintage dress... i auctioned for it online.. I <3>

New Tank top the I got for my birthday from the gym... how cool is the back :)

and in other news.....

On April 24.. I turned 23.... Yuck
Now I know this isnt old.. but this is definitely the first year Im not PUMPED about getting another year older... oh well...Not much I can do about it. I did wake up to a beautiful little treat. Mom bought me a rice dream carob covored ice cream (rice dream of course) there was graham cracker in it too...YUMMY.. and 100% vegan (so said the label)

I got lots of fun things for my birthday... A new yoga mat, a new tank top, a new GPS!!! (my dad is amazing.. i need it to get to the theatre this summer)

But the best of all......

A VITA MIX!!!!!!!!!

My amazing mother got it for me and I am SOSOSO excited. I havent used it yet ( I want to wait so me and mom can try it together) But I'm so excited.. Now my smoothies are going to be incredible!!!!!

So i find many bloggers have a "thing". CCV has her chocolate, Ruby Red Vegan has her amazing breakfasts, and Vegan Crunk is the queen of all things southern... I think I may have found my "Thing"...


I make a smoothie EVERY morning
And I usually make a different flavor every morning as well :)

Here are some recent ones:

Here is a tropical green smoothie. I enjoyed this bad boy when it was about 80 degrees out and sweltering!
-frozen mango
-frozen pineapple
-frozen papaya
-Raw Honey (or agave)
-Mango ZICO coconut water
This Ruby Beauty is a Chocolate Covored Cherry Smoothie
-1 Banana
-Frozen Cherries
-3 tsp Cacao powder
-Cacao nibs
-1 tsp artisan Cacao bliss (Optional)
-Rice Milk
Creamy Papaya
-One Frozen Banana
-Artisan Coconut Butter (AMAZING) (Optional)
-Frozen papaya
-Young thai coconut (Meat and water)
-quarter of an avocado
-Raw honey


PB+J smoothie
-2 frozen bananas
-frozen Blueberries
-2 and a half TBS Sunbutter (or for everyone else peanutbutter)
-tsp vanilla
-Rice Milk

Im going to make a link with all of my smoothies soon... To Be continued...

sorry I havent been posting or commenting as much... I try to read everyones blogs during intermissions and it doesnt leave me much time to leave comments.. but know that im reading and loving them!!!!!


ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

Happy Birthday, Smoothie Queen!!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday!

All of your clothes are so super cute! You will LOVE your vita mix! We make a huge smoothie for breakfast every single morning. I'm going to have to try some of your combos!

I ♥ puggies said...

Happy Birthday!! I love your new clothes!

I'll be 23 on Monday too! I can't believe how close our birthdays are (and we're the same age!!).

Katrina said...

You had the best birthday EVER! A VITAMIX?! HOLY CRUD! It makes getting older worth it. That's awesome! And, I agree... once you get older than 23 you really start feeling old. (Anyone over 30 who reads this is going to hate us!) Your new clothes are super cute, too. My favorite dress is a vintage dress I won on Ebay! We seriously have too much in common. What is it about summer anyway that just makes you want to shop? I just went out and bought a new sundress, a denim skirt, and 2 pairs of shorts. My husband was super excited about the denim mini-skirt! HA! BTW: have you made Karina's Kitchen's Gluten Free Sunbutter cookies? A-MAZING!

Mariposa said...

ohhhh girl happy bday!!! love the smoothies - they look delish..

and trust me.. i am turning 27 in august- i am SO feeling bummed about that! you just feel older and older every year!! you are still young!

ChickPea said...

Love all your new clothes--I have some high waisted pants in my closet too!
Happy birthday! I am SO jealous of your VitaMix. I make a daily smoothie too, so I can definitely understand your excitement. Happy blending!

Lauren said...

Happy Birthday! Adorable outfits! Congrats on the Vitamix, I am so jealous!! :)

PB and Jess said...

Happy Bday! You got yourself some really cute stuff!!

You're gonna have lots of fun with that vitamix! I'm jealous :)

healthy ashley said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Umm, I want all of those clothes. They're all awesome! You look great :)

Congrats on the VITA MIX!!!

Anonymous said...

Happiest Birthday wishes to you!!!! Your new clothes are so pretty! I am terrible with fashion, but you are quite the stylish woman!

A Vita Mix?!!!!!!!! So jealous. My blender broke recently and I am longing for a new one. All your smoothies look delicious.

Vegetation said...

Happy Birthday!! Love the new clothes! I wish I could wear high waisted pants. I'm all legs and when I try it looks like my pants go from my boobs to my ankles :( They look fabulous on you!

And yay for AWESOME birthday presents!

Emily said...

Happy Birthday!
Love love the new birthday clothes! Urban Outfitters is one of my favorite stores.

Congrats on getting a Vita-Mix! I want one soo badly someday!

The Voracious Vegan said...


I love all of the clothes, especially the vintage dress and that awesome tank top.

Yay for a vitamix, you are so lucky!

Lauren said...

aww happy birthday !! <3
your clothes are all SUPER cute.. $20 from Urban?! wow..what a sale!!
that's awesome you got a vitamix too though!! :)

Ruby Red Vegan said...

Happy birthday! That tank top is my favorite...I would feel guilty wearing it to the gym and sweating on it just because it is so cute!

Congrats on the Vita Mix, you lucky girl!

Annnd that chocolate covered cherry smoothie... Wow! It sounds amazing - you are the smoothie queen!

Laci said...

I just ended my blog :-( but I'm still glad to find exciting, new ones out there like yours! I think I've visited yours in the past- you seem like another girl breaking the vegan stereotypes, so thanks! Lovely clothes BTW- and a VITAMIX!!! :-)

Nicole ( said...

So jealous of your VitaMix!!!! Beautiful clothes you've got there as well!

Happy Birthday!!!

Catherine said...

Happy Birthday! (Belated, at this point.) :)

And hush up about getting older -- I turn 30 in less than a month!

Thanks for your comment on my cookie post -- I hope the cookies turn out well for you! Let me know what you think.

Sophia.Pflieger said...

Hi, My name is Sophia.
I'm turning 23 in August and its scary. I remember turning 18 like it was yesterday! Time goes by so fast.
I really like that turquoise shirt it looks great on you.
I started a new blog at:
I would really love it if visited/commented on my blog.
I would also really like to add you to my blogroll?

A said...

You have TOTALLY inspired me to make a smoothy!!!! I'm normally locked in my cubicle all day and can never have them but today I'm working from HOME!!! THANKS for the great idea and happy birthday!!! Oh, and I really liked the tank top with the cool back! I always have a better workout when I have new clothes! :)

Lovely Lacey said...

All the smoothies sound delish. Your birthday clothes look great too!

Im having my very first give-a-way if you want to check it out

dreaminitvegan said...

Happy belated Birthday! You are too funny about the age thing. Just wait and actually you are only as old as you feel.
I love your new clothes and that vintage dress your scored, ADORABLE!!!

Julia said...

I'm a long time reader, your age, also living in NYC, and I'd love to send you some samples! I'm starting an online (and local) baking service. I have all gluten-free, vegan products with interesting ingredients. I couldn't find your email, so please contact me when you can. I'd love to tell you more about it. I think you'd love it.



Katrina said...

Have you heard or the company Awesome Foods? They make the most A-MAZING gluten free, vegan, raw food products. I just discovered them at a random Whole Foods in Maryland. (I have no clue what city. It was a lunch break during a bus drive.) Their website is
Check it out! I have a feeling you would LOVE them!

Ricki said...

Hi Synthia,

You won an electronic copy of my new cookbook! Please email me and I'll send it right out to you!


Ricki :)

Hayley Sunshine said...

I want a vitamix!!! Also, where do you get your coconuts? I can't find them in Buffalo. : (

katie said...

Love my Vitamix - just got it a week ago!

Nice pics and recipes!


prashant said...

Happy Birthday!! I love your new clothes!

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