Thursday, April 30, 2009

Smoothie Queen..

Well first I'll start with some cute new clothes that I've bought myself (For my birthday)... This isnt all of them.. but its all good

Halter Dress from Urban Outfitters (sale for 20$!) <3>
Vintage high wasted skirt from American Apparel (vintage collection)
High wasted linen Pants (H+M)
70's Vintage dress... i auctioned for it online.. I <3>

New Tank top the I got for my birthday from the gym... how cool is the back :)

and in other news.....

On April 24.. I turned 23.... Yuck
Now I know this isnt old.. but this is definitely the first year Im not PUMPED about getting another year older... oh well...Not much I can do about it. I did wake up to a beautiful little treat. Mom bought me a rice dream carob covored ice cream (rice dream of course) there was graham cracker in it too...YUMMY.. and 100% vegan (so said the label)

I got lots of fun things for my birthday... A new yoga mat, a new tank top, a new GPS!!! (my dad is amazing.. i need it to get to the theatre this summer)

But the best of all......

A VITA MIX!!!!!!!!!

My amazing mother got it for me and I am SOSOSO excited. I havent used it yet ( I want to wait so me and mom can try it together) But I'm so excited.. Now my smoothies are going to be incredible!!!!!

So i find many bloggers have a "thing". CCV has her chocolate, Ruby Red Vegan has her amazing breakfasts, and Vegan Crunk is the queen of all things southern... I think I may have found my "Thing"...


I make a smoothie EVERY morning
And I usually make a different flavor every morning as well :)

Here are some recent ones:

Here is a tropical green smoothie. I enjoyed this bad boy when it was about 80 degrees out and sweltering!
-frozen mango
-frozen pineapple
-frozen papaya
-Raw Honey (or agave)
-Mango ZICO coconut water
This Ruby Beauty is a Chocolate Covored Cherry Smoothie
-1 Banana
-Frozen Cherries
-3 tsp Cacao powder
-Cacao nibs
-1 tsp artisan Cacao bliss (Optional)
-Rice Milk
Creamy Papaya
-One Frozen Banana
-Artisan Coconut Butter (AMAZING) (Optional)
-Frozen papaya
-Young thai coconut (Meat and water)
-quarter of an avocado
-Raw honey


PB+J smoothie
-2 frozen bananas
-frozen Blueberries
-2 and a half TBS Sunbutter (or for everyone else peanutbutter)
-tsp vanilla
-Rice Milk

Im going to make a link with all of my smoothies soon... To Be continued...

sorry I havent been posting or commenting as much... I try to read everyones blogs during intermissions and it doesnt leave me much time to leave comments.. but know that im reading and loving them!!!!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


HEY GUYS!! sorry I have been so MIA lately.. i actually lost my comp charger for a while so I was down a lap top! Thankfully I found it..

I do have an amazing post coming up.. full of Spring/summer fashion... and AMAZING birthday presents...

lets just say its a vegans dream gift.. hehehehe

till then!

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Nope its not my REAL Birthday... (although that is next week!!...April 24.. save the date hehe)

I first decided to go vegan because of weight issues. Being  a dancer is hard when you are constantly struggling with weight. Since going vegan, I have lost 15 lbs (in about a year) and feel better and healthier than I ever have! I know its not for everyone.. but anyone who is even considering becomming vegan should serisouly go for it. It has changed my life for the better. 


When I was reading a great post over at the Broccoli Hut the other day, I stumbled upon an amazing looking product!!!!
SO-DELICIOUS coconut milk yogurt!! HORRAY!!! I havent had yogurt in over a year! I used to love it with fiber one, bananas, or other fruit in it.. so I am super excited to have my very first one during intermission at our next show (right now writing this between shows.. we already had one this morning!)

The other day at our local health food store I found these bad boys..RICE PROTEIN veggie burgers!! SOY AND GLUTEN FREE (my stupid finger is covering that it says Soy, gluten and nut free!!)!!! HORRAY!!! (the vegan gods have been thinking of me lately i swear) I have yet to try them, but the girl at the store said they were amazing so I took her word for it.

And now... for my new favorite smoothie....
OMG ITS AMAZING!! I found the recipe on

2 Carrots
4 mejool dates
1/2 tspn ground Cloves, cinnamon, and nutmeg
1 frozen banana
1 tbs agave
ice and water

I swear it tastes like pumpkin pie.. its really delish... It will definitely be a reoccurring theme in my daily eats!

Well thats all for today...

thanks for stopping by :)

Saturday, April 11, 2009



and since I havent posted lately I thought it was time!!!

The show is going really well... my cast is amazing.. and Im really learning a lot. The majority has been on Broadway.. (more than once)...they are all so humble... yea i guess you can say im sort of star struck by it all :)

Ive been eating really well lately actually. I have found that eating tons of small meals a day really helps. I seriously eat every 2 hours..  Nothing too big... usually fruit vegetables etc. 

I dont really know wat to say about my food lately.. but here are tons of pics of my past week and a half!

First I wanna start with :
My new favorite Smoothie!!!!!!...Young coconut, mango and spinach... so simple and so delish...thinking of which im gunna make this tomorrow morning for breakfast!!!

One day when I got home from the show I found these leftoovers... roasted root veggies and white beans.... SOOOO freakin good!

Babaganoush with sliced veggies
A BUNCH of synless bars!!! (starting with the chocolate one going clockwise) Cacao Nib, Apple Pie, Coconut cream pie, Pistachio, Banana bread... I just went to the lara bar site and used the ingredients... and of course modified them.
Champaign Mango, and unripe papaya (ive learned that I dont like it ripe... way better green :)

Fresh Squeezed OJ! thanks mom :)
This green guy was delish!!! He had Raspberries, spinach, ice, coconut water, and raw honey...YUMMM!!!!

MY VERY FIRST BLOOD ORANGE!!!! it was pretty yummy!

Three bean salad with  field greens,pickles (i love them!) and vegan coleslaw... Butternut squash soup...and blue corn chips with salsa
Blended Buckwheat Groats...i threw an apple in there (blended that too) chopped apricot kernels, sliced banana, shredded coconut and raisins!!! YUMMMM

Sliced apple, flax seed crackers (i dehydrated) and 2 tbs of sunbutter... for some reason it always spreads and looks like so much!
Butternut squash soup... its low sodium... dairy free...and soy free.!!! its so yummy... i think its pacific brand but ill check when I get home :)

well friends... there we have it.. my eats.. I dont have much exciting news... accept I have been shopping up a storm..its really a problem!!! ill post all of my new purchases tomorrow!!!!

think: two pairs of adorable sandals, a pair of shorts, linnen pants, a skirt... and and and AHHH!H!!!!!!

isnt this a recession?!?!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Spinning spinning!!!

Hi friends!!!!
Wanted to post this picture.. i havent shown you guys my short hair :)

well I cant find my camera.. eek... hopefully it turns up because my parents might kill me for losing it (it was a gift!)

the show is going really well.. I love performing so much...its truly the light of my life and brings me so much joy :)

I wanted to thank everyone for their wonderful posts! I love all of the support I get from my bloggies and all of your kind words really make me feel at ease when I take a couple of weeks off from blogging myself! so THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!

Usually I dont have shows until 1:00 so I have been getting up early to go spinning! I really miss running...It stinks that my hips are acting up, but spinning definitely is an amazing work out and I know that I am doing a good thing for my body by not my mom always says:

"Your body is your career...and your paycheck!!!" gotta take care of it at all costs :)

Well I have been drinking lots of smoothies lately (of course.. what else is new I know)

I took a couple of pics with my computer...
(excuse the frightening hair...just got home from the gym in this one!)

This bad boy was amazing!!
-2 frozen bananas
-3 persimmons (I bought some not so great ones at the asian market, but figured they would be perfect for a smoothie!)
-1 young coconut (meat and water)
-3 kale leaves
and presto!!
Believe it or not this bad boy is a green smoothie!!!

-2 frozen bananas
-3 kale leaves
-Frozen Blueberries
-3 scoups of Manitoba harvest hemp protein powder
-dash of vanilla extract

SO YUMMY... its like blueberry vanilla goodness :)

So on another note.. I am putting together a week long food plan for one of the girls in my cast.. i figure Ill post it here as well... still a work in progress.. but it will be up tonight :)

Hope all is well!!! <3>

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