Sunday, February 15, 2009

Horray Horrah!

Hi Friends!!!

First thanks for all of the congrats!!! It makes me feel so great :)

Raw food week went well I think.

The verdict??
I crave smoothies in the morning... by lunch time I am pretty hungry, but really am not in the mood for solid food yet. On friday I tried to have a salad... got full after a few bites.. and then whipped myself up another smoothie! My raw food week was cut short by a "We have to go out and celebrate!" From the boyfriend. But its all good I suppose :)
We went to a sushi place where I ordered 4 different veggie sushi rolls :) YUM YUM YUM!

All in all, by the end of my week I feel great. My weight keeps fluctuating.. but it does every day so watever.. Does anyone elses weight fluctuate like crazy???

So the sad news is I had to drop my personal training course. The even worse news was that I still had to finish the anatomy portion of it... so I sat in a class room from 930-330 on valentines day!!!

For lunch I rode over to Chipotle for my favorite salad! Usually I can eat the whole thing.. today?? couldnt even eat half... verdict.. did my raw food affect my eating habbits???

Ok last night anthony and I went out to one of my favorite restaurants Tuals Kitchen. If you live on LI you have to go there!!!! I had Seitan Marsala over Israeli cous cous and brocclarabe. (I cant spell).... :)---(no picture because It was crowded and I was sort of embarrassed!)

WELL In other news I was given an award from the beautiful Lauren at Ginger is the
 New Pink!!! I'm so honored :)!!! So in Honor of this award I have to post 7 things that I love


1) I love my parents:

I know this is kind of cliche... but I am lucky to have the most supportive parents out there.
 They are my biggest supporters. They love me unconditionally and push me to be my very best.

2)I Love my boyfriend:
Ok another cliche. He is just so wonderful. I know I talk about him all the time on my blog, but he really is my best friend in the whole wide world. He knows me better than anyone, and is always the first person to say..."suck it up and go for it"

3)I love performing:
Ok ok i know..."vegan on stage" you all could figure
this out. But it really is my true passion. There is truly no feeling like getting on stage and giving your all.  my other favorite part of it is during Rockettes.. when a little girl comes up to me after the show and says "I want to be just like you when I grow up." ....its humbling.

(Thats me in the middle of the pic)

4)I Love my friends:
Duh... doesnt everyone? But me and my friends are more like family. We really do everything together.. we have been friends since freshman year of high school.. which is crazy to think its almost 9 years....! Im really lucky to have them
(These are two of my best friends...Cristy and Kate)

5) I love the beach:
I grew up on the water. I live around the corner from the bay, and we always had a boat when I was growing up. There is nothing quite as calming as sitting on the beach... at say 4:00... when its still warm out, but theres a strong breeze.. and the sun is lower in the really is my sanctuary

6) I Love my dog:
My dog Cody is the closest thing I have to a br
other. Seriously, my dad treats him like he is human..(heck we all do) hes 10.. but hes got the personality of a puppy and I just love love love him.

i mean common how could you not love that cute face!!!

7)I Love living a healthy life:
Health is such a huge part of my life. I thrive on the endorphins I get from exercising or dancing. I look foward to creating healthy meals... and there really is nothing that makes me feel much better than passing on the knowledge I have gained to others. If I can influence someone else to be vegan then it was a good day!!!

So Now I have to nominate 7 people! sheesh this is tough!
I nominate:

Evey from Vegan Nurse
Natalie from Talieworld
Lauren from Vegan Gal
Kristie from Lighter Portions

Honestly I just went through my google reader and was like WOW I really do have connections with most if not all of the people on here...

I think we're all really lucky to have this network of people :)

Happy valentines day!!!!


vegannurse said...

Congrats on getting a job and completing raw week!

You are such an inspiration.. I totally want to do a "raw week" sometime.. thanks for giving me ideas!

Also, thank you so much for the award.. you're so sweet and you totally deserve that award and I'm honored you passed that on to me!

Thanks, girl, you are rawsome! ;-)

BTW, my weight totally fluctuates too.. it really depends on amount of food/water I consume, so it'll go up and down 1-3 lbs.

VeggieGirl said...

Your raw week was fabulous!!! Keep it up :-D

Hooray for the fabulous award; and I love your list of things you love!!

ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

Hey girlie! You are sooooooo incredibly sweet! Besides being one of the mosy beautiful and glamorous people I know, you are also one of the most beautiful-spirited. And like Evey (vegan nurse) you're inspiring me to try more raw foods.

And yeah, if I weigh myself one morning, before I've even eaten anything, then weigh myself again the next day at the very same moment, it could be as much as three pounds different. Maybe it's because as vegans we tend to eat a lot of bulky foods, so we get bloated a lot? But if you FEEL good, that's much more important than the number :o)

HayMarket8 said...

I really like your blog! It is all about morning smoothies!

dreaminitvegan said...

Love the smoothies. I always talk about trying a week of raw foods or at least incorporate more into my diet. I really like reading your blog.
My weight usually stays about the same, I think everyone fluctuates a little don't they?

talieworld said...

Congrats on raw week!

Hopefully I can do the same one day, but I really don't think I would last that long!

Thanks for the award, your so sweet!

Oh, and my weight can fluctuate a lot day by day to.

Kristen's Raw said...

I'm so glad I found your blog. You're absolutely gorgeous!!! And, your dog - ADORABLE!!!

Congrats on the Raw week :)


thecleanveggie said...

you are a rockette!!????
so jealous :)

Emily said...

Thank you so much for the nice comment! It's neat that your best friend is also a Korean adoptee, too!

I also grew up by the beach but don't live by one currently...I miss it so much!

acookinthemaking said...

Aw such a sweet post! I actually thought of you the other day (not to be a creeper) because I'm doing a performance through my school and there is a part where we do a kickline! Haha! Rockettes are the best!

River said...

Gosh, Synthia you are so gorgeous! You dance in heels, I'm lucky if I don't fall down just standing in heels!

Your pup Cody is so cute! That little face is adorable!

lesley said...

Yay for your week of raw foods : )

I enjoyed reading about you ... those performance pictures are awesome!

Hope you've had a great Monday!!

Bianca said...

Congrats on the new job. I just saw your older post. And congrats on raw week. I'm not sure that I could make it all raw for a whole week, but you are awesome. I get tired of smoothies pretty quickly unfortunately. One is cool for breakfast one day, but I crave solid food like 2 hours later.

Mariposa said...

congrats on getting the job! soooo exciting!!! is that why you have to drop the course??

lighterportions said...

SYN! Thank you so so much for the award, you are beyond sweet. :D

Your eats truly are inspiring. I've been eating all kinds of less than lovely things the past little while and all of your raw and clean eating, most especially those lovely smoothies, keeping popping into my head. One of these days I swear I'm going to force myself to try to do a raw detox thing too. I need a little willpower first though haha.

Veganissexy said...

Congrats on the award :) I'm trying to eat raw most of this week for breakfast, lunch, & snacks. I've been feeling sluggish and need to detox a bit! I love your list!

The Vegan Snorkeler said...

Hi Syn! You won my contest!!! Congratulations! E-mail me with your last name so I can forward the info to

Gina said...

I love finding out new stuff about blogger friends :) Your dog is adorable (not that all your people friends aren't also, haha).

I'm glad your raw week went well!! My weight doesn't really fluctuate too much. I mean, up and down a pound or two, but it pretty much stays the same...unfortunately. I would love for it to stay down a little right now, haha.

Nicole said...

Oh all of your pictures are adorable! I haven't been to tulas yet but it's on the list. I tend to judge my weight by the way it shows on my face instead of a scale so I'm not sure how my numbers rate, but I know only a few days make a difference for me. And I would totally do a different training program, when you're done with your fabulous show of course. I know the other set was in may, but theres gotta be more.

Kombuchachic said...

That's a wonderful list! :)

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