Friday, February 6, 2009

Winter cleaning???

Well... time to state the obvious... ITS FREEZING! I wish it would just warm up so I could spend some time outside.
Well this week has been fabulous so far!!! 
On Monday I decided to go outside of my comfort zone and take a HIP HOP CLASS!! hahah I love hip hop... but I dont feel as confident as I do in my theatre, jazz or lyrical (etc) classes. It was really fun... we did a sexy little number with lots of attitude... hahaha i actually did pretty well considering i NEVER do this style.

Tuesday I went into the city with my mom...And of course, there was a 
freakin blizzard!!! We got like 6 inches of snow on Long Island. Of course
 it was worse in the city because everything just gets soaked. I was wearing Uggs.. because I always slip when I wear my regular boots, and they got so wet.. my feet were soaking and my blister that I had on my foot was throbbing... ew so gross i know sorry for that.

BUT OTHER THAN THAT I had a great day!!! Mom, me, and my
 two crazy aunts (well my moms best friends) went to Candle Cafe! I wish I had my camera.. i was so mad that I didnt.
I ordered something from the specials menu... it consisted of black beans,
mole, quinua, collard greens, and cajun seitan... YUMMMM

Mom got a bowl of their thick and hearty chili with corn bread. Wow it looked amazing.
The only thing i hate about going to these restaurants is that I am so limited to what i can have. I am allergic to so much that its hard to find something different that I can eat. I usually order the same thing but luckily there was something on the specials that I could have.. and it was AWESOME!!! I also hate that I cant have any of their deserts as they
 ALL contain some sort of soy or nut product.. oh well... i can 
always make my own :)

After dinner, mom and I went to see "South Pacific". It was probably the best show I have ever seen... and I've seen lots of shows. It was so so so so beautiful a
nd classic and AHHH!! it was amazing! We sat in the fro
nt row which I usually hate, but I loved it this time! I actually felt like I was part of the show...:)

On Wednesday I went on an audition. It was for Funny Girl at the Westchester Broadway Theatre... I got through all of the cuts... I read... I sang... I danced two combos... i felt really good about it... so Hopefully I hear something back from them. Its so hard in this bus
iness because you can never tell what they are thinking...of course I pick a career full of uncertainty. now some explanation for my title. Yesterday, followed by my morning run, I was lucky enough to have a body treatment and a facial (both organic). I had my entire body exfoliated, scrubbed, detoxified..they literally wrapped me in this plastic stuff, and covered me with three layers of heavy blankets... one heated and one that keeps heat in..! After both treatments my skin was so so so soft and totally clean. It was awesome!

I decided that since I was having a "Winter Cleaning" of my body, I might as well do a raw food detox! I usually do these one day a month, but i decided to try to do it for a week (minus tonight because its Anthony's birthday and I have reservations at a really nice restaurant) here are my eats from yesterday!

Breakfast: I woke up and decided to have a super awesome smoothie
This beauty contained a frozen banana, half a frozen mango, and some fresh was so yum and delish!!! it actually held me over through my run, and my facial/body treatment.

By three I was STARVING.. I came home... cleansed and feeling wonderful, and whipped myself up this beauty...
doesnt it look great!!! it tasted even better than it looked. 

Baby field greens, sliced avocado, papaya, mango and celery topped with a little bit of pomegranate balsamic...YUMYUM YUM... it had such a clean and refreshing taste... i loved it so much!

was from One Week Raw... she has a great free e-cook book that you can download... i made the Mango Lettuice wraps... (from day 7). I cant follow the cleanse completely because of all of the nuts used, but I can pick the ones that look good to me and try them out!!
The lettuce wraps were amazing. The marinade was to die for...I soaked the veggies in it for about a half hour and they became seemed like they were cooked
 I will definitely be making them again!!!

I took a cabbage leaf, or a romaine lettuce leaf, spread a thin letter of avo spread, and topped that with the vegetables....Im such a fan!!!!

This morning I had some Raw pancakes (last post)...and now I'm about to hit the gym!!!

till next time :)

stay warm!!


VeggieGirl said...

Delish food!!

Stay warm!!

ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

Ooooo I love love love lettuce wraps :o)

PB and Jess said...

I've been wanting to try a raw food detox too. I got to eat at Pure Food and Wine over New Years and it really got me thinking! I wonder if anyone has made a raw version of cupcakes?!? That would be amazing :)

Eric said...

Sounds like a good time, and good food :)

The Voracious Vegan said...

Good luck on the audition, I'm sure you were amazing.

I might have to download that free cookbook you are talking about. A week of raw foods sounds great.

Beautiful, healthy wraps!

lesley said...

Sounds like you have had a great week!

Sign my body up for a winter cleaning that sounds AMAZING!

Have a great weekend, my blogging buddy and try to stay warm! ;)

I ♥ puggies said...

The food looks wonderful. I can't wait until spring comes.

Lauren said...

Awesome! You are doing so great, glad to her you are using the ebook, that's so great! I HAVE TO SEE SOUTH PACIFIC!! I think I mentioned before.. I am dying to see it. Right now Phantom is still my all time fav. But I am thinking that might change.. my grandma loves South Pacific and her other fav is Phantom, so I know I will love it! Good luck with your raw week and your audition!

Vegetation said...

Haha, it's BOILING here! I wish it would cool off so I could go outside :P

Mmmm wrapped food is so awesome! And I love your salad!

Anonymous said...

I hear you with the freezing weather!

I always feel the same way in a hip hop class, its actually my second favorite style but you can definitely tell its not my style!

The raw detox sounds awesome. I'll probably try a variation on that when I go back home.

River said...

A hip hop class sounds like so much fun! Oooh Funny Girl!! I hope you get it, that would be awesome!! You know, after all you ARE a funny girl! :)

Fabulous, healthy eats! Happy belated birthday to Anthony!

Anonymous said...

Wow all that food looks unnnnnbelievably delicious! Oh also I made the raw pancakes from your last post and they were great--I'll put them up on my blog really soon!

Mariposa said...

looks amazing!!!! i would love to have a nice spa treatment... one of these days!!! : )

i love South Pacific as well- i was in that show in high school.. "Im gonna wash that man right outta my hair!!!!" I was a dancing nurse lol

Gina said...

Those lettuce wraps sound awesome!!

I've been wanting to go to Candle Cafe for so long, but I will have to wait until my husband is home again. My family is open to ME being vegan, but not enough to go on vegan restaurant trips with me. Maybe before I leave NY I can convince them???

Hope you're having a great weekend!

Nicole said...

Hey girl. Thanks for that comment. Hearing do what makes you happy really does help make things clearer. And lemme know how your personal training class goes please! I don't think they're taking more people but I am interested in doing something like that,plus it's something to do that isn't such a long commitment. :)

btw, li gym question -- have you been to the planet fitness in bayshore?

Nicole said...

Ohh how is it there? I'm out in central islip by the courts, grew up in west islip though. And scratch that about the other gym, it was by the target on sunrise.. it only opened last summer, but my friend just told me apparently two people got shot.. from a stray bullet.. from the parking lot while they were working out. So um, no.

lesley said...

Yeah, the toasted sesame oil was really good! I had never used it before but am glad I did : )

Have a great day!!

Lauren said...

i know what you mean about the frigid-ness..luckily its starting to warm up though!! :)
and thanks a lot for posting that link to the raw seems so easy to follow and its really motivating me to do it!
plus your dinner from it looks delicious!

KombuchaCHIC said...

That salad looks divine! The lettuce wraps are a favorite in this house. How can you go wrong with mango and avocado? :)

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