Tuesday, February 10, 2009

One Week Raw... DAY TWO

I know I already posted this morning, but I was a little behind and I wanted to share my day 2 progress.
Well although I am still sick... I feel a lot better! It is now 10pm... my fever is gone, my head ache is gone, my throat doesnt hurt as bad... I wonder if it is all of the wholesome food that I have been eating?? perhaps.

Well I woke up this morning and the first thing I did was get on the scale. Although I dont feel comfortable sharing my starting weight with you all, I am comfortable to inform you of any weight loss (I am not by any means over weight.. I know this... but hey its still an uncomfortable thing to share!)

I am excited to see that after just one day of raw eating I lost exactly 1 lb! (Mind you this is without working out too... I needed to give my sick body a break from the gym today and yesterday).

Ok so now onto the food.

Breakfast consisted of three dehydrated crackers (made by moms trainer) topped with raw Pistachio butter. Also I enjoyed a side of sliced banana and strawberries!
(I lost the pic in my camera for some reason! BoOOOO)

Lunch was a "green Smoothy"...well kind of
It consisted of banana, strawberry, peaches (all frozen)a scoop of chia seeds, flax seeds, and a scoop of spirulina. I never usually like green smoothies, but I enjoyed this. I hate how spirulina tastes but it was masked by the fruits :) YUMM and had so many great entities to boost my immune system and to kick this cold!!!

I was pretty hungry all day (Surprisingly because yesterday I wasnt at all). Probably because I laid around all day studying and watching tv and letting my belly say FEED ME!!!

of course I listened! I snacked on 3 mejool dates, some celery sticks, an apple, raw pistachios, and a few sips of my left over smoothy ( i made about two serving

By Dinner I WAS READY for a HUGE salad.... when I say huge.. i dont mean big.. i mean GINORMOUS!!
This bad boy was piled high with mixed greens, green cabbage, tomatoes, cucumber, sundried tomatoes, strawberries, olives (which im not sure are raw but its ok i suppose) avocado, mushroom, and some dried cranberries. I topped it with a little balsamic and olive oil and yummmm It filled me up!

 I also made some raw mashed "potatoes".  I used some cauliflower, green onion, garlic, water, pine nuts, salt and pepper to taste. It wasn't terrible... but it made me feel a little nauseous.  I think its because to me, it was supposed to be warm... actually, if it 
was warmed up I bed it would taste great... i think I added too much green onion... oopss!
I ended my eating day with a whole mango. It was a little old, but still good :)

all in all, Im ending today still hungry and not completely satisfied. I think that I am going to have to eat a better breakfast that will last me all day, so that what I eat through out the day will last me.

till tomorrow :)


River said...

You posted this at the same time of my last comment! I'm glad you're feeling better!!

Your salad looks amazing! Can you believe I've never had fresh mango before?

ChickPea said...

Yum! You know I am craving that smoothie!

I've always wondered about raw diets...I look forward to seeing what else you eat this week. Feel better:)

The Voracious Vegan said...

I hope you start feeling better soon. Your menu looks delicious, especially that pretty salad. I love all the colors!

And what a refreshing green smothie!

I can't wait for your next update.

Vegetation said...

Ugh, glad you're feeling a little better! Good luck with the all raw week! (Sorry I didn't comment yesterday, I've been out with a flu too and am WAY behind on my commenting).

lesley said...

Eating raw kind of fascinates me but I'm not sure I would be able to do it. Thanks for sharing, it's very interesting!!

VeggieGirl said...

Holy yum!!

Keep feeling better!!

Mariposa said...

i cant wait to see how you feel at the end of the week! i have a lot of trouble eating raw foods.. due to the allergies.. but if i could.. i would! good luck!

Lauren said...

My hubby said the same things about the mashed "potatoes" he said they would be awesome hot! Haha! I found I couldn't eat a lot of them either, a little to rich maybe?

Anonymous said...

Wow! It's awesome that you are trying a one week raw diet/cleanse. I have been considering doing that as well. I probably will after Omnidude leaves.

healthy ashley said...

Your food looks great! I hope you feel 100% soon :)

Bianca said...

Glad you're feeling better! I know that hungry unsatisfied feeling all too well. I find that I work best on raw days when I literally eat every two hours...at least a snack between meals every two hours.

I love raw mashed potatoes, but I've never put green onion in them. Loads of garlic though. And I like the idea of using pine nuts. I've tried them with cashews once and walnuts once.

Anonymous said...

Ughhh I am sick too!! At my school we're calling it "the Plague". Love the raw eats...I think food can definitely speed up recovery! I hope you feel better!

Veganissexy said...

Lovely looking salad! You are encouraging me to go raw a few days a week. I could totally do it if it included yummy looking smoothies and raw pancakes! Yes!

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